Africa’s 10 ‘Most Open’ Countries for Travel.


Over the last eight years, 35 nations have made improvements to their visa regulations, and since 2016, five countries have eliminated the need for any kind of visa for travelers from Africa. Therefore, as opposed to just three in 2020, people of at least five nations can now travel to 42 different countries without a visa.

As per the Africa Visa Openness Report 2023 published by the Africa Development Bank, a majority of countries are making strides in streamlining their entry procedures and removing limitations for other countries.

The report also shows that within Africa’s regional economic blocs, there has been progress in the free movement of people. The average level of visa openness for members of six of the eight regional economic groupings recognized by the African Union has increased during the last 12 months.

Most of the top 10 performers are from West African nations, which are at the top of the rankings. Indeed, 97% of the country-to-country travel routes within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) do not require a visa for inhabitants of the region.

Here’s a summary of Africa’s most open countries for travel.


Since 2018, Benin has ranked strongly and is currently one of the most visa-open countries in Africa. There is no need for a visa for visitors from 53 African nations. Nevertheless, only 13 of the 23 nations that make up the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) have agreed to provide Benin’s visa-free travel restrictions.

The Gambia

After joining the top performers in 2020, The Gambia likewise scores strongly in terms of visa openness. There is no need for a visa for visitors from 53 African nations. Nevertheless, like Benin, only 13 of the 23 CEN-SAD member states grant visa-free travel to The Gambia.


Since the African Visa Openness Index’s launch (AVOI), Seychelles has continuously ranked among the best countries. Travelers from 53 African nations can access the island nation without a visa.


On the continent, Rwanda is a recent addition to the list of nations with visa-free travel. It would grant visa-free entry to every one of the 53 member states of the African Union by 2023. Nearly 90% of African nations’ nationals have been able to get a visa on arrival in Rwanda since 2016. 2020 saw the nation waive visa-on-arrival fees for citizens staying for no more than 30 days.


Kenya, another recent proponent of the visa-free travel policy, eliminated the need for visas in December 2023 and started enforcing the visa-free travel policy in 2024. In the past, visitors from 21 countries could enter Kenya without a visa, while visitors from 32 countries may get one upon arrival. According to the visa ranking, Kenya was placed 31st out of 54 states in 2022. All foreign nationals must now, however, apply for their travel in advance via the electronic travel authorization (ETA) system, which costs at least $30 USD.


Nigeria allows nationals of 17 different countries to enter the country without a visa, and it also provides 36 different countries with a visa-on-arrival service. Following its announcement in December 2019 that it would no longer require African citizens to get a visa before arrival, Nigeria has been moving up the charts.


Ghana provides citizens of 34 countries a visa on arrival in addition to allowing visitors from 20 other nations to enter the country without a visa. Only Moroccan nationals require a visa in order to enter any country in Africa.

Guinea Bissau

Thirteen nations worldwide are exempt from requiring a visa for entry into Guinea-Bissau, but forty other countries’ nationals must obtain one upon arrival.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde Visas are not needed for nationals of sixteen countries worldwide, however, they can be obtained upon arrival for citizens of thirty-six nations. Only Moroccan nationals are required to apply for a visa in advance of their trip to any other African nation.


While inhabitants of 37 countries can receive a visa on arrival, citizens of 15 countries are exempt from needing one in Togo. Of all the African nations, only Djiboutian nationals


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