Globally, the International Diabetes Federation estimates the number of people with diabetes at 537 million, and half of them are not aware of their condition. 



According to the Ministry of Health, at least 15% of Algeria’s population, that is 2.8 million people, are diabetic. Having to import insulin medication for these patients has cost a lot for the country.



The Pharmaceutical industry minister, however, announced that Algeria will start manufacturing insulin in a move expected to significantly reduce the cost of importing the drug. 



Ali Aoun said, “The validation process has been completed, and the unit is ready to start manufacturing insulin”. The Biotherapeutics unit was built by an Algeria company, Biocare.



Importing insulin cost the country up to $425 million in the previous year. Saidal, a Pharmaceutical group also announced the launch of the production in the first quarter of 2023. Local production is estimated to cover 50% of the demand.



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