Ahmed Ololade (Asake) is a rising artist in Nigeria, Lagos Island. He had his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Department of Theatre and performing art at Obafemi Awolowo University. He started his music career in 2018 and took his single “Mr money”, in 2020.


YBNL recording artist Asake released his awaited album titled “WORK OF ART”, on 16 June 2023. Work of art displayed Asake’s lyrical skills and musical chemistry. The work comprises Afrobeat and Amapiano sounds. Asake focus on presenting his music as high art, his music is known for its aesthetic blend of Afrobeat and R&B.


“Work of Art” album comprises of 14 songs telling us more about the life experience of Asake, it is a piece of very interesting and good music for anyone who loves listening to good music and appreciates the art of storytelling through music.



Olorun which means supreme God, father of Obatala among the Yoruba ethnic group in Nigeria. He spoke about how God has been faithful to him from the beginning of his musical career. In this song Asake emphasizes the hardship he faced, how he worked hard and prayed during those times and God lifted him from a lower level to a higher level. In his song, he said:  Ti won ba buga e, ya gba fun Olorun’ ( if they are oppressing you, accept it as God’s will) during his struggling days it was not easy for him, even with all the oppression, he kept on believing in God. Olorun is a song that makes you feel grateful for the blessings in your life you can not count.



In this song Awodi, Asake uses the song as a medium to express how he was not loved by others in the Industry. In one of his verses, he said: Kini reason? Kini scope? Why the beefing? What is the plan? He had know reason why they hated him but he did not allow them to kill his vibes. He Will continue to soar higher like a bird.



Asake talked about his talent, he said music was part of him even before he was born. In a verse, he said: Abinibi yato si ability’ (one born with talent cannot be compared to one that learned the talent).

In this song he was celebrating his raw talent. He also talked about how they were trying to adopt his style of music. I love this song because it made me believe in myself.



In his song, Asake encourages his fan to enjoy themselves in their work no matter what. We should be happy despite the hardships, at the end of the day, the sun will shine on everyone. I love this particular song because it gives hope to keep pushing hard and at the end of the tunnel you will reap the fruit of your labor.



Mogbe contains the aspect of heartbreak and remorse, it tells the story of love lost and anguish. It is a song you can easily relate to based on past experiences of the listeners. it’s a cool song you can listen to when you feel moody about a failed relationship.



Basquait means a walking poem, since a walking poem is passed from one generation to another generation, he wants his song to be passed down to generations to come. He wants his songs to be enjoyed by everyone.



In this song, he combines Amapiano and Afro-pop. With its virulent lyric and dynamic show, Amapiano is a song you can vibe to at any time, this is my favorite song it puts you in a happy mood and you can dance to it. It is a vibes-on vibe.



Anyone living life to the fullest needs to listen to this song, Asake talked about how he enjoys his life regardless of what people say and he has the money to afford the things he wants. That’s what’s up for him.



In this song, Asake is talking about the faith he has in God and he believes that something great will definitely come his way. When I listen to this song it lifts my spirit.




Asake introduces himself so people will know more about him, he said God has blessed him with money that’s why they called him Mr money. He more about his success and this particular song motivates me.



Just like Asake loves women a lot, he was trying to make his lover remember their old days on how he cared for her materially and financially. 




Asake talked about how the people at the top usually stay on their own, they are always lonely, and even he at the top just wants to live his life to the fullest because the top is lonely. I put this song on repeat because I love it, when you are moody this is the song you need.




Asake sang this song for himself, praising and describing himself for being unique, and all the hard work he put towards his music career, and his aesthetic style of music. This song gives you that vibe to always want to appreciate yourself.



In this song he was trying to tell us how he calms his mind through a breath control exercise where he reflects on the aspect of life without being disturbed by outside noise or comments gets to him. It is the calmness of the song for me.


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