In Gambaga in the North East region of Ghana there is a man named Suleiman Abdul Samad popularly known as Awuche.

Awuche is a 29- year old that measures at 7ft 4 inches and he mentioned that he increases in height every three months; this puts him on the path to becoming the world’s tallest man.

The current holder of the world’s tallest man title is Sultan Kosen, a 40-year old Turkey man who measures at 8ft 2.8 inches. If Awuche keeps growing, in a few years he’ll be taller than Sultan making him the world’s tallest man.

Awuche appears to be taller than most houses in his neighborhood. The length of his feet are unusual so it’s hard for him to get foot-wears that fit so he wears locally made footwear made from car tires.

Awuche has become a sensation as people ask to take pictures of him or with him anytime they see him.

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