The president of Nigeria before entering the seat promised Nigerians change. Recently, the Nigerian minister of works, Babatunde Fashola commissioned the National Housing Project in Ilorin, Kwara state. The low-cost housing is being constructed in the 36 states and the FCT; some have been completed and commissioned.

The president said this project is an example of the fulfillment of his change agenda. He made this statement on Friday in Ilorin at the inauguration of phase one of the National Housing Project at Kwara state.

The project at Kwara state consisted of 76 housing units, road, infrastructure, water provision and electricity connection. The housing unit on Asa road consists of 48 units of two bedroom bungalows, 20 units of three bedroom bungalows and four units each of one bedroom and three bedroom. The President, who was represented by one of his ministers, mentioned that this is part of his development agenda of addressing housing needs in the country. He said “this housing project is an example of the fulfillment of that promise of change. Our desire and commitment towards improving the human condition and our message of change, have another facet beyond job creation. It responds to those who have long aspired to own a home and that dream has come true with this project”.

The Kwara state government provided the land used for the construction. This construction has helped in many ways in improving the human condition. According to him, micro and medium businesses won the contracts to build the house. He further explained “not only did their successful bids offer an opportunity for these companies and their employees, through them we have unleashed a value chain of economic activities that improved the conditions of ordinary Nigerians. They engaged suppliers who benefit from sub-contracts for the supply of building materials from sand to cement, roofing and plumbing materials to doors and electrical fittings. In the process, the ordinary Nigerians at the bottom of the pyramid such as artisans, builders, skilled and unskilled workers and food vendors were not left out of this economic value chain”.

The project also provided the opportunity to remember the victorious super eagle whom the country made a promise of providing houses for  after winning the 1994 World Cup of Nations. The allocation has been approved to the 22 members of the super eagle in the national housing estate located in their state of choice.

The minister of works and housing said that the federal government initiated the 6,000 housing units being constructed in 45 sites across the country to construct acceptable and affordable houses for Nigerians nationwide.


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