Breaking Barriers: Nigerian Cleric Aims to Smash Guinness World Record with 60-Hour Marathon Sermon

Get ready to witness history in the making as a Nigerian cleric, Reverend Emmanuel Sunday Olorunmagba , the president of Total Liberation Mission, sets out on a remarkable mission to shatter the Guinness World Record for the longest sermon ever delivered. This extraordinary feat promises to go beyond conventional expectations as the cleric prepares to embark on a grueling 60-hour marathon sermon.


The current holder of this title is a US pastor, Pastor Zack Zehnder from The Cross church in Mount Dora. He was able to preach for 53 hours and 18 minutes, smashing the previous record which was 48 hours and 31 minutes.


Reverend Emmanuel Sunday Olorunmagba speaking at a world press conference during the weekend, explained that he has decided to seize the advantage that would make him preach the gospel of hope, salvation, healing, deliverance, reproof, and rebuke among others to as many people as he could. He would not mind if the platform to achieve this feat is on the Guinness World Record (GWR) platform.

In his words, he called on people of like mind to support him, he said “This is my number one goal for seizing the opportunity of this Guinness World Record attempt. Hence, if those of you whose aim is also to ensure the word of God is brought to people at all costs, I invite you to partner with this move and disappoint your religious dogmatism (for those still holding to it).”


Nevertheless, he talked about his critics. He said “I envisage more attacks from religious folks who believe that preaching the word of God or reaching out with the Gospel must be in strict adherence to their hold-tight religious fundamentalism.”


He further talked about Jesus Christ’s ordeal in the hands of his enemies, the Jews, saying,  “Even my Lord Jesus did not find it easy with the religious folks of His days as He was so criticized, attacked, persecuted and even brutally murdered for His system of reaching out to people, which was not in total agreement with the religious dogmatic and fundamentalists of that era”.


He added that Jesus faced trials while doing the righteous work.


He is resolute at the task despite those who are seeing his motive as fake. According to him, he said, “he (Lord Jesus) was called a glutton, a drunk and friend of tax collectors. He was seen as always going against even the religious beliefs of the Jews. Yet they claimed to be seeds of Abraham. But Jesus reminded them that if truly they are seeds of Abraham they would do the work of Abraham and not seek to kill Him”.


He said many religious folks including Pastors and other men of God who were supposed to have a better understanding, have lent themselves to the devil as an instrument of attack in an attempt to kill his vision of reaching out to a wider audience by taking advantage of the Guinness World Record (GWR).

Quoting Matthew 16:23, he used this scripture to brush his critics aside as they are not seeing the bigger picture. The event in the Bible passage showed Peter telling Jesus he would not allow anything to happen to him (Jesus), Jesus replied to Peter by saying “…Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offense unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.”


He continued saying “In line with the Bible as quoted above, even if some Christians still continue to assume that my proposing to use the Guinness World Record (GWR) attempt as an opportunity to reach out with the word of God is from false motive, as far as it is the word of our God that I will reach out with, the reaction of a true child of God should be to rejoice and “continue to rejoice.”


He added that whether his motive is right or wrong, the important thing is that the gospel is being preached which is the work every follower of Christ must embark on.


He appreciated those who were present at his Press Conference. And to those supporting him, and will still lend a friendly hand later he said God would bless them in the mighty name of Jesus.


Let’s prepare to be captivated as we delve into this journey of Rev. Emmanuel Sunday Olorunmagba, a Nigerian cleric who is on a mission to shatter boundaries and redefine human endurance. With unwavering faith and relentless determination. This ambitious endeavor aims to push the limits and spread the divine message like never. Be a part of history in the making as we witness this remarkable feat that is set to inspire awe and admiration among all who bear witness. Brace yourself for a sermon marathon like no other poised to make an indelible mark on the sand of history.





Ethiopia: 404 Megawatts of Electricity Generated from Wind Power.

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) announced that the country has generated 404 megawatts of electricity from wind power.

EEP Corporate Communications Director Moges Mekonen told the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the country has reached a total production of 404 MW of electric power from Wind power.

He noted that many citizens are getting electricity from the wind power plants that have been built so far.

Accordingly, the combined generating capacity of Ashegoda, Adama I and II, and Aysha II wind power plants has reached 404 megawatts, he added.

A feasibility study has been completed for the construction of 18 wind power projects with a capacity to generate 2,700 megawatts, the Director expressed.

Moges added that Gode, Kabribeyah, Tulu Guled, and Adigala are among the places where the planned projects will be carried out.

He stated that Ethiopia is paying special attention to the development of renewable energy so that the natural resources are being utilized with new technologies using wind energy.

Encouraged by the already attained results in renewable energy exploitation, the government is exerting extra efforts to generate more power this fiscal year, Moges mentioned.

Wind power is more reliable and cost-effective than hydro-power generation since the water level of dams decreases during dry seasons, he noted.

Moges said that generating adequate power enables the country to witness sustainable economic growth while getting its citizens out of poverty and darkness.

According to him, Ethiopia has the capacity to produce energy up to 1.3 gigawatts from wind, 45,000 MW from hydropower, and 10,000 MW from geothermal.

Moroccan Investors Express Interest to Establish Partnership With Libyan Counterparts.

Moroccan investors recently expressed their desire to establish partnerships with their Libyan counterparts and invest in the Libyan market to strengthen the economic partnership between the two countries.

This announcement came in a meeting for the Minister of Economy and Trade of the Government of National Unity, Mohammed Al-Huweij, and leading Moroccan businesspeople and investors in all fields on the sidelines of the Moroccan-Libyan Business Forum in Tangier, according to a Ministry statement on Monday.

“The visit of the Prime Minister to Morocco and his meeting with the Moroccan government paves the way for improving our partnerships. It strengthens the distinguished relations between the two peoples through holding meetings of the joint supreme committee.” Al-Huweij said.

He added that Libyan-Moroccan relations were further strengthened during that visit in terms of developing memoranda of understanding, expressing his confidence that more cooperation opportunities between businesspeople from the two countries would take place, wishing to increase the levels of joint trade exchange in the coming period. He also reiterated the importance of inaugurating air and sea routes between the two countries to overcome the difficulties faced by businesspeople. 

Last Saturday, the Head of the Moroccan Exporters Association, Hassan Al-Santisi Al-Idrissi, announced that they will soon organize a forum bringing together investors, importers, and exporters in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Meanwhile, 17 Libyan companies and institutions, 20 Moroccan companies, and more than 90 Libyan businesspeople participated in the Tangier Forum and Exhibition.

AGOA Has Created Job Opportunities in Lesotho___ Lesotho Trade Minister.

Lesotho trade minister Mokhethi Shelile said the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) had helped Lesotho to create job opportunities and lift thousands out of poverty and based on his interaction with American buyers at the Agoa Forum in Johannesburg, there is scope for many, many more.

“I spoke to a major South African buyer and they buy 17 million clothes annually, but then I spoke to an American buyer and they were looking to source 100 million, so as much as Agoa has helped Lesotho over the past two decades, there is the potential for much more,” Shelile said.

A major constraint on the further expansion of Lesotho’s clothing exports to the US is that it sources a fair amount of its textiles from China and the US has banned the import of textiles that contain cotton allegedly grown using forced labor.

Three Chinese textile manufacturers have been banned from exporting their goods to the US as international human rights watchdogs have accused the Chinese government of setting up internment camps in the north-western city of Xinjiang to use forced labor from Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities, including Kazakhs and Kyrgyz in growing cotton. These companies were sanctioned under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

The Chinese government has for years denied the accusations of minority persecution and the use of forced labor.

“As Lesotho, we now have to certify that the textiles we use in our clothing do not use cotton grown using forced labor, so that adds to our costs,” Shelile said.

Lesotho exports of articles of apparel, knit or crocheted to America was $222.33 million in 2021, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.

In 2020, global exports of textiles and clothing products were valued at $147.6 billion (R2.8 trillion) and $573.5bn representing about 0.9% and 3.3% of the world merchandise trade, respectively, but China dominates this trade with a share of around a third as it is the largest exporter of textiles and clothing products globally.

“We are aiming to diversify our export offering and expand our share of the supply chain. So although we export leather seats to four motor manufacturers in South Africa, we want to do more. That is why we are excited about American investment interest in aquaculture, as Lesotho’s water is amongst the purest in the world,” he said.