• China Energy to start construction on a green hydrogen project in Egypt.
  • The project will be developed in two phases.
  • The plant will aim to export ammonia to European markets.

Right from the beginning of time, what led to other countries trying to colonize African countries was the unique natural resources that were found in most African countries. These resources have led them to invest in African countries, creating a win-win situation for the countries involved.

With regard to this, China Energy has intentions to start construction on a $5.1 billion green hydrogen project in Egypt in May 2023. This was confirmed by Egyptian prime minister Mostafa Madbouly when he announced that China Energy Engineering Corporation will break ground in May on one of the country’s first hydrogen projects. This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding that was done in November.

It was reported that the Chinese investor will send a team from the company to go through the project’s details in April 2023. As it has been announced earlier, the project will be developed in two phases and will feature a solar and wind power plant, electrolyzers for hydrogen production, ammonia synthesis devices, and accompanying storage and processing facilities. This facility is expected to produce 140,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually once it is up and running.

The plant will aim to export ammonia to the European markets, a move intended to relieve Egypt’s chronic shortage of foreign exchange.

This information was given during a meeting of the Egyptian cabinet, attended by China Energy chairman Song Hailiang. Madbouly welcomed the Chinese company’s investment in hydrogen and desalination infrastructure and expressed his country’s readiness to provide the incentives necessary to implement them.

China Energy has previously worked on ten energy projects in Egypt. Presently, the company is engaged in two projects; a 700 MW solar project at Kom Ombo and an interconnector between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company is also interested in investments in the replacement of power lines and water desalination plants.

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