Chinese, Beninese Artists’ Exhibition Celebrates Flourishing Cross-Cultural Exchanges.


A celebration of the flourishing cultural exchanges between the youth of China and Benin, an exhibition showcasing the works of eleven Chinese and Beninese artists debuted on Saturday in Cotonou.

Visitors to the show, which took place at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cotonou, included diplomats, members of the media, Confucius Institute students, and other cultural figures.

The exhibition brought together 35 works created by six Chinese artists and around 20 works of art and sculptures by five Beninese artists. The artists convey their ideas about the world through painting, sculpture, and other artistic mediums.


The minister of tourism, culture, and the arts for Benin, Carole Borna, praised the cross-cultural fusion and anticipated more of it between the two countries’ young talents.

“It’s a great pleasure to see this cohesion, this ongoing passion between young Beninese and Chinese artists. I congratulate them on this exhibition, which takes us on a journey and makes us dream,” she said.

China and Benin have been friends for many years, according to Chinese artist Wang Guangzhou, and this exhibition is a great way to encourage deeper cultural ties between the two nations.

He hoped that the exchange would continue to further the cultural advancement of the two nations. “We prepared this exhibition with our young Beninese friends, and we were very impressed by their attitude and approach to art,” he said.

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