The Africa’s Biggest Street Party is not just an event for tourist attraction, or a way to portray the diversity in African cultures and countries or its just as the name implies “Street Party”, the Calabar Carnival is also an economy booster.

According to Aljazeera reporter, Ahmed Idris, “The carnival has been a destination for thousands of Nigerians and tourists, as every year local people look forward to the month long celebration as a chance to end the year financially better off”.

Carnival Calabar ‘Africa’s Biggest Street Party’ is a month long event that runs through the month of December, although the main segment of the event runs from 27th-31st, which is the carnival week having each day packed with several activities.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Calabar Carnival was suspended for two years which incurred thousands and millions of financial loss as said by the officials of the events.

According to the Governor of Cross-river, the host state governor, Ben. Ayade, the two years pause of the event has incurred huge financial loss in that the preparations and activities for the carnival brings in a lot of money into the country.

However, due to the return of the carnival, some traders have received six months worth of sales in just three weeks.

Etim Benadet, a trader clothes attest to the huge sales seen as a result of this year’s carnival. She said “Business is fully back, and they are making huge sales”.


In addition, officials revealed that, although participants from other countries as many as the last held carnival held in 2019, however they are optimistic that troupes from as far as South America will participate in upcoming carnival.

The officials also hope that the economy will experience a boost in sales and job opportunities in the forthcoming carnival.

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