To reduce migration from the country’s rural provinces to its urban centers, Egypt’s Ministry of Planning and Local Development has planned to develop 82 villages and 18 cities.

There will be a partnership between the Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority and the ministry to introduce the said redevelopment. The announcement was made by the ministry on the night of Wednesday, 15th of February. 

The aim is to provide adequate housing for residents of particularly underdeveloped areas of the country, increase job opportunities, and encourage real estate investment. It will also organize and regulate construction activities in the included areas as well as allocate the lands that can be built on and the ones to be left empty for agricultural purposes.

The areas that have been mapped out for redevelopment under the new plan include dozens of rural villages in the parts of Egypt whose occupants are among the neediest, although, some large, lower-income urban centers will also be redeveloped.

Egypt’s housing minister Mr. Assem El Gazzar said new developments were essential to absorb Egypt’s growing population, which the government has repeatedly said is one of the country’s main challenges.

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