Egypt is constructing two new cities from scratch to replace Cairo and Alexandria. They are an offshore and onshore capital. The names of the cities are Kemet and the new Alamein City.

The New Alamein City is located in Northwest Egypt and was inaugurated on the 1st of March, 2018 by President Fattah el-Sisi. This city is on the Mediterranean sea, approximately 85km west of Borg El Arab International Airport. It is an idea child of the Egyptian Government as a center of tourism, education, and government. It will contain three universities, fifteen skyscrapers, highrise towers, and 10,000 hotel rooms. It has its own presidential palace and ministry building.

Kemet has been under construction since 2015. It was first announced by the then housing minister, Mostafa Madbouly at the Egypt Economic Development Conference. It is considered one of the programs and projects for economic development and also part of a larger initiative. It is located 45 kilometers east of Cairo and just outside the Second Greater Cairo Ring Road.  According to the plans, the city will become Egypt’s new administrative and financial capital, housing the main government departments, ministries, and foreign embassies. The total area of 700 square kilometers (270 sq mi) would have a population of 6.5 million people, though it is estimated that the figure could rise to seven million. The plan is to build it as a smart city.

Phase II of the New Alamein megaproject has begun, it includes ten additional coastal towers.

The plan is for New Alamein to bring large numbers of tourists to the Mediterranean beaches of the northwest coast. According to the government, 30 developers have been granted permits to move forward with the construction of hotels for 30,000 rooms.

Many of these units are in high-rise buildings along the beach, with towers already under construction including The North Edge Towers and The Gate projects. Other centers of activity in New Alamein will include three universities and a “city of culture and arts” to encompass a Roman Theater, studio complexes, an opera hall, and a cinema complex.

Unlike the resorts on the northwest coast, which have private beaches sealed from public access, New Alamein is conceived as being an open city permitting entry to the general public.

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