Femi Opabummi was born and raised in Nigeria, He is 38 years old, In an interview which he granted recently where he spoke about his life in and after the Super Eagles. He was a left winger for the super eagles.

 He retired from football in 2006 due to serious Glaucoma(an eye defect), due to this he is permanently blind in his left eye, He also spoke about challenges he faced in his years as a professional footballer.

 Femi was also one of the footballers alongside others that helped Nigeria win the Africa Under 17(U-17) championship in 2001.He played in the Senior World Cup Korea Japan 2002 as the youngest ever player and the Third (3rd) youngest ever all around the world.

 Femi’s condition started in the field during a match in the field in France in the process of trying to nod a ball, He went to the United Kingdom, Romania, America all to check the reason for his sight, He then went back to France showed the doctor and the Doctor told him his condition is critical. He proceeded for an Eye Operation after which he went blind for 17 days, He was operated twice outside Nigeria and he then came back to Nigeria to continue treatment since solutions were not found he then decided to pray.

Due to his sickness he had to quit the game after spending millions which is around 30 or 40 million, He also said he stopped watching the Nigerian match due to his inability to participate.          

He went broke totally and almost committed suicide and he had no one by him during all this time.

Currently Femi is a coach for a football academy in Owo Osun state known as Alamu Football Academy, he sees it as a way of encouraging young boys to make a career out of it.

In his interview with Vanguard  he gave all glory to GOD for his ability to see again.

 Now he is in the process of obtaining CAF-B which is a standard requirement to coach a team in Nigeria Premiership. Due to Nigerians suspension he is not able to get it but he said he is hopeful that the new NFF(Nigerian Football Federation) president Ibrahim Musa Gasau will sort it out .

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