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      Udara/ Agbalumo is also called African Star Apple and it can also be called “White Star Apple or African cherry” because it is very delicious, of Its botanical name is Chrysophllum albidum. The chrysophllum genus of plants consists of almost 80 different species of fruits all exclusively grown within the tropical region, Eating star apples as a snack is a good choice as the calories are low.


      At a glance, Udara appears rather small and insignificant in comparison with some other fruits. Udara (African star Apple) is a popular fruit in Nigeria, particularly around the Eastern part of Nigeria. Its local names are Agbalumo (Yoruba language) and Udara (Igbo language).


      Igbos believe Udara to be the “fertility of giver of children” and they also believe that the tree is not planted by anyone. It is an abomination to cut down the tree without proper consultation and appeasement and to defecate under an Udara tree. In some communities in Igboland, Udara is not owned by anyone, and no one harvests the seed for sale because it is regarded as selling children, and plucking Udara from the tree is also forbidden in some Igbo communities. It is a seasonal fruit (produces fruit during the dry season between December and April). And definitely a healthy food and it has vitamin C which is not exclusive to the citrus fruit family, in fact, Guava has much more!


      The health benefits of Udara/ Agbalumo (African Star Apple)

      .        It has low calories because it has little fat content.

      ·        Its high fibred content provides food bulk which both increases satiety and aids digestion so it is ideal for Weight Watchers.

      ·        It has Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C).

      ·        It serves as a natural source of Anti-oxidant booster to remove free radicals from oxidative stress disorders.

      ·        The leaf extract contains Hypoglycemic (for treating Diabetes) and Anti-platelet activities, although it also has toxic effects on some organs.

      ·        Udara leaves are useful for treating wounds, stomachaches, diarrhea, cuts, sprains, and skin rash.

      ·        The Udara seeds are also used in preparing ointments for treating skin infections and virginals.

      ·        Some Herbal practitioners are also known to use the bark of the tree to treat malaria and yellow fever.

      ·        With the high vitamin C content, it helps in curing colds and preventing survey.

      ·        Per 100g of Udara fruit, you can get 25h of Vitamin C.

      ·        The fruit helps in lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, thus reducing your chances of getting heart-related diseases.

      ·        It is essential in minerals such as calcium and phosphorus for maintaining strong bones and teeth.

      ·        Udara has an acidic taste and is mostly liked by woman during pregnancy because it helps prevent the urge to vomit and help them treat sore throat, constipation, and indigestion.


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