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    Victory Amah

      The previous article was about the Igbo earth goddess. This article is about the sky god Amadioha considered the husband of the Igbo earth goddess, Ala.

      Amadioha is the god of thunder, his name differs in each different speaking languages of the tribe. He was known as Kalu, Kamalu, Akanu, Kamanu, Ofufe depending on the culture.

      He represents the free will and collective will of the people. He is usually associated with Anyanwu, the sun god.

      He is the god of justice; a gentle god but violent if provoked. His messenger is thunder; it destroys evil doers and trees where poison has been hidden or buried. If judged guilty by Amadioha, the victim is usually killed by a lightning bolt or a swarm of bees. There is usually a black mark on the forehead of the victim. The property of the victim is usually taken by the priest and the body is left unburied or unmourned. In the pre colonial era, when it is taking a lot of time for someone to be buried it is usually rumored that the person must have been one of Amadioha’s victims. His ritual cleansing is considered costly and very tasking. He is the protector of the law.

      People swore oaths to him and any oath sworn carries deadly penalties when broken. He is usually appeased by transferring the curse into a live goat and the goat will be let loose outside the community walls. The scapegoat is a common offering to him.

      People who claim to have seen him described him as a big white ram. His symbol is a huge white Ram.

      He wields a sword known as “mmaagha kamalu”. It is believed that this sword goes red in the presence of those with evil intentions. He also gifts mortals wielding this sword victory in battle.

      Apart from being the god of justice, he is also the god of love, peace and unity. He is prayed to for increase in yields, children in the homes and benevolence. He is also considered the hope for those in critical conditions. In some cultures, he is considered a creator god.

      He is usually depicted as a fair skin Igbo man; this is why he is the patron of the light skinned Igbos.

      His day is “afo” , the second Igbo market day. Even though cults are built for him in many Igbo lands, his main shrine is located at Ogboro ama ukwu in Ozuzu Echie local government area of Rivers State, Nigeria. Despite having his main shrine there, he is not recognized as their patron deity; that shrine is just his earthly headquarters from whence he operates and spreads to the other parts of Igbo land.

      His statue is usually housed in an Mbari just like the goddess of the earth. When the people cannot afford to build for Amadioha, they represent it by a forked stick, usually found in front of the shrine.

      When a cult is newly erected for him, two strong poles are mounted and a plain white cloth void of any drawing or design is suspended by the sticks. This cloth is neither changed nor washed as long as the priest lives. However, in the case of his death, a new one is mounted on his burial.

      The priestly clan of Amadioha are called “Umuamadi”.

      He is believed to be one of the first pairs created by chukwu.

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