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    Victory Amah

      The gods and goddesses of the Igbo tribe, people originally from Biafra but later amalgamated in 1914 to form Nigeria, in the western part of Africa by the colonists have been grossly misrepresented owing greatly to the westernization of the tribe. This article and the subsequent ones following will shine light on some supernatural beings people of this tribe believed in before the colonization and subsequent westernization.

      The first god that will be talked about is the goddess of the earth, known by this tribe as Ala, Ali, Ani or another name each culture in this tribe decides to call theirs. Ala is a female god (a goddess) that represents the earth. She is known as the wife of Amadioha, the sky god. She is the first daughter of Chukwu.

      She is the goddess of morality as she is in charge of judging humans. Her customs are known as Omenala. Taboos, crimes and violation of her customs are called nso ala. Chukwu is the giver of these moral laws but she is considered the enforcer. She is in charge of the conservation of that which was created.

      She represents the full cycle of earth from birth to death; her womb holds, nurtures and renews when necessary and the spirit of the dead goes to her womb to find rest. This is why it is said that she represents the full cycle.

      She is the goddess of creativity, luck, harvest, joy, cleansing and other cycles.

      Devotions are made to her during planting season, during the time of first fruit and during the time of harvest so they can reap bountifully. They also render daily devotions during important periods.

      She is usually present in the empty field after harvest. This reiterates the representation of the full circle.

      Her shrine is usually built in the center of the village. Her dwelling place is known as Mbari; this is a square building usually made of mud or cement that houses her statues.

      Her colors are radiating yellow, velvety chocolate and almost black color. Her time is spring. Suitable offering for her is usually the votive candle.

      Her messenger is the snake. She is the paragon of equity and characterizes all that feminism should be.



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