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      African art has always been in the eyes of the world due to their uniqueness and affiliation to the dynamic culture and traditions of the African people. Artists and creators in Africa are beginning to experience the innovative power of NFT, thereby minting their artwork on the blockchain and making profit from them. These digital artworks that are encoded on the blockchain to become NFTs by African artists are known as African NFT art.



      African NFT art are digital artworks which also have a specific name that is being used more recently called “crypto-art” because of the blockchain technology being used to mint, buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The blockchain technology is used to mine cryptocurrencies as it is also used to prove ownerships of the NFTs. Hence the name “crypto-art”.


      African art is unique and always has a story or relates to the culture and traditions of a given African ethnic group or entity.


      So, how do you identify African art?


      The identification of African art is not far from the attached African historical paintings, sculptures, other visual culture and installations. Visual arts come in the form of pottery, metalwork, textile art, fiber art, sculpture and architecture.  African art is being created and presented by African in diasporas such  as the caribbeans, South American societies and African Americans. You can still see the unifying artistic themes of the visual culture from the continent in Africa.


      When considering the totality of art in the African continent, there are slight differences as Ethiopian art in eastern Africa has a long christian tradition while north Africa has Islamic traditions that were dominant till the 20th century. We are safe to say that African art comprises ancient and prehistoric art, Islamic art of North and West Africa, Christian art of East Africa alongside other traditional artifacts present in all regions of Africa.


      African NFT art or crypto art are currently more in design rather than physical metal sculptures as they are digital. Except in the case where these physical metal sculptures are being drawn digitally and minted on the blockchain into an NFT. Creative African art are pumping up in the NFT space and some of these African NFT art comes with incredible value. One of such is the AfriSQuare NFTs that comes with lifetime values that can be passed from generation to generation.


      The African Kings NFT collection by AfriSQuare are digital artworks that showcase portraits of the last 50 kings within the last 50 years scattered across numerous historical kingdoms in Africa. These digital artworks are encoded and minted on the Ethereum Blockchain as non fungible tokens otherwise known as NFTs.


      The African Kings NFT collection by AfriSQuare comes with a real time value of world class tourism to African Kings palaces and heritage sites in Africa amongst other special perks such as African tasty foods and drinks, a top notch hotel reservation alongside a personal chauffeur at your beck and call during your stay.


      Join in the conversation and ask your questions below. The African Kings NFT collection is currently listed on Opensea. You can get yours by visiting the link below.


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