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      The African continent has been known to be consumers when it comes to cars. Most of the cars used by Africans are imported which oftentimes is usually second hand cars with high import duties.

      However, Africa is rapidly becoming a producer in the automobile industry manufacturing durable and affordable cars. Automobile companies like Ghana’s Kantanka and Nigeria’s Innoson Vehicle Manufacturer (IVM) are changing the automobile industry narrative.

      Here is a list of cars made in Africa;


      Birkin Cars(South Africa)

      A South Africa-based car manufacturer which was formed in 1982 by its founder and owner, John Watson, an automotive enthusiast and fan of the Classic Lotus Seven. The company’s specialty and only currently-produced vehicle is the S3 Roadster, a kit-car similar to the Lotus Super 7. The cars are currently sold through dealers around the world including the United States, Japan, and across Europe.

      Innoson Motors (Nigeria)

      Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd commonly known as IVM is a Nigerian-based automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nnewi, Anambra and was founded by Chief Innocent Chukuma Nwala. The automobile company boasts of producing at least 500 Nigerian-made cars costing between 1.5 -3.5 million naira. Among other vehicles manufactured include the IVM Fox, a five-seater-1.5 litre engine, IVM Umu – 2 litre engine, and IVM Uzo a mini-bus. The company has attracted patronage from the Nigerian government, Mali, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

      Kantanka Motors (Ghana)

      Kantanka automobile was established in Ghana by Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka in 1994. The automobile company designs, manufactures, assembles and sells luxury cars. Kantanka vehicles are assembled in Ghana from Knock-down kits supplied by a Chinese firm. The vehicles range from both saloon and four-wheel drive vehicles including Kantanka Nkunimdie SUV, Kantanka Omama pick-up.

      Laraki Automobiles SA (Morocco)

      Laraki Automobiles is a Moroccan manufacturer of high-performance sports based in Casablanca, Morocco founded in 1999 by Abdesslam Laraki. It started out by creating luxurious yachts and proceeded to manufacture the first car model, the Laraki Fulgura in 2002. The vehicles manufactured are strictly concept cars, custom-built for each customer and was ranked among the most expensive cars in the world in 2015 at a cost price of over $2 million each.

      Mobius Motors (Kenya)

      A vehicle re-assembler founded in 2010 by Joel Jackson for the African market. The automobile company uses simplified design concepts to produce efficient and cheap vehicles that can compete with second-hand vehicles that dominate the East African automotive market. The company produces SUVs that can handle the rough roads and rugged roads found in many parts of the regional infrastructure. The vehicles cost about $10,000.

      Wallyscar (Tunisia)

      Established in 2006, Wallyscar is Tunisian manufacturer based in Ben Arous known for building affordable, reliable and powerful 4X4s. The company boasts of a production of 600 units per year and sells in Panama, France, Spain, Qatar and Morocco. It was founded by Zied Guiga and the company focuses mainly on the idea of vehicles as recyclable and environmentally friendly.

      Nord Automobile (Lagos, Nigeria)

      A Nigerian automobile company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, which was conceived out of the need for a made-in-car brand, with its activities centered on conveying quality aptitude in the worth chain –which includes the design, sourcing, development, assembling, distribution, marketing, provision of sales and after-sales services of our unique Nigerian branded automobiles. Nord Automobile Nigerian branded vehicles include the Nord Tank, Nord Max, Nord Tusk, Nord Filt, Nord A3 Seden, Nord A5 SUV, amongst others.



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