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      Aside from the landslide inventions witnessed in most parts of the western world, Africa is one of the places you get to see and meet raw talents, where ideas are gold. From our invention of crafts and crude tools, stonewares, and later metal tools, we as a people have thrived in making work easy by simplifying the ways we engage in our daily activities. We have in recent times not been left out as Africans continue to be collaborators and sole owners of some brilliant world inventions of worth and repute.


      One of the widely used designs of Africa is the African Kente design loved by a lot of people at home and in the diaspora. This is an iconic design that showcases the rich heritage of African culture and the great symbolism of her crafts through arts and design.



      In recent times, we have great talents for inventing useful and life-transforming inventions in the areas of robotics, drugs, and some innovative solutions to problems unique to farming and agriculture.   We can point to the likes of Silas Adekunle, a 28-year-old Nigerian inventor and entrepreneur, who is the credit owner of the first-ever intelligent gaming robots in the world.



      MekaMon, as he called the robot produced by his company Reach Robotics, is being sold in Apple stores in the United States and England. This broke a record none has been able to set in recent times, and his company together with shareholders strives to make the experience better.   Still, in robotics, two Kenyan inventors David Gathu and Moses Kinyua invented a bio-robotic prosthetic arm. Though this is an exclusive enhancement of an existing invention, what makes this a new invention is that the arm is operated by brain signals! It is called a robotic prosthetic arm.


      In medicine, Africans have been recognized for hard work and for having discovered some excellent and working remedies for ailments, especially trypanosomiasis genes discovered by renowned late professor and scientist, Andrew Nok from Nigeria.


      When green energy is being talked about, there is a tendency to leave Africa out of the scene of invention, but far from it, the economical solar power discovered by a South African Professor and Physicist, Professor Vivian Alberts was invented to use a micro-thin metallic film instead of the usual thick and more expensive silicon-based solar photovoltaic cells. This invention has made green energy more accessible and cheaper.


      On tech intentions, Africa is gradually taking the lead as we find great tech inventions trying to solve our besetting problems and hitch to our accomplishment of daily tasks and goals. Tech companies are springing up in different countries across Africa to provide tips, knowledge, DIY ideas, money-saving apps, scheduling applications, and financial technology inventions that help most of the African population seek and access funding from the comfort of their homes.


      We can go on and on, but the truth remains, that inventions springing from Africa and taken to international platforms for showcasing are unraveling by the day, and we are yet to witness the best.



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