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      Before the advent of Non Fungible Tokens and its compatibility with digital art, Africa was known for her collection of various arts and artifacts. These arts mostly depict the rich culture and traditions of Africa.



      African arts and her cultural roots have been a source of fascination for many people around the World. Most of these people wish to hold and experience the aura that surrounds individual African artworks. This is now made possible with the African NFT project by AfriSQuare.





      Before we go into details on what the African NFT project really entails, let us look at the meaning of NFT, digital artworks and African art for a better understanding.



      What is an NFT?





      An NFT which in full is Non Fungible Token are tokens that cannot be replaceable or interchangeable. Money is a fungible token because it can be changeable or replaceable. NFTs are digital assets that represent objects in the real world such as arts, videos, music, in-game items and so on.  These objects are encoded and stored as digital data on a distributed ledger known as the blockchain. The ownership of these digital assets is also recorded on  the blockchain and can be transferred which makes it tradeable.



      NFTs can be bought and sold online with cryptocurrencies such as Etherium or Polygon. You should note that these cryptocurrencies are also encoded with blockchain technology.



      What are Digital Artworks?



      Digital artworks are artistic works of creativity done and presented using digital technology. Examples of such ranges from images done with corel draw software on your computer and presented using computers or other electronic devices, to hand drawn images scanned into a computer and completed using the adobe illustrator software. Moreso, 3D virtual sculpture rendering and animation are also part of digital artworks.



      What are African Arts?




      African arts are basically the description of historical and modern sculptures, paintings, installations and other visual culture from the indigenous or native Africans and the African continent at large.



      Now, we have looked at the meaning of NFT, digital artworks and African arts for us to better understand the African Royalty NFT project by AfriSQuare. Let us discuss this concept further.


      What is the African Royalty NFT Project?


      African royalty NFT project is a digital art collection of African Kings that are encoded on the Ethereum Blockchain as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) by AfriSQuare and can be sold out to potential investors.



      African royalty NFT project is built on world class tourism to the various kingdoms and heritage sites in Africa. Holding a digital artwork of any King in Africa is a real time value that can be passed from generation to generation.



      So, what is the value of the African royalty NFT project by AfriSQuare?



      The African royalty NFT project by AfriSQuare holds a real time value of world class tourism, as potential investors would have a yearly trip to kingdoms of  the related digital artwork. For instance, when you acquire a tokenized digital artwork of the King of Zulu, you automatically have a yearly trip to the King’s palace and other heritage sites in the Zulu nation. Yes, every year, you are entitled to this trip. Except you decide to sell your digital artwork, then this African tourism value automatically belongs to your buyer, the new owner.



      Why can’t anyone just copy the digital artwork of the king and claim the value instead?


      That is where the NFT and blockchain technology come in handy. You know, anyone can easily copy the digital artwork and claim ownership of the value attached. But we will have to prove ownership on the blockchain explorer.



      Remember, we said these artworks are being encoded on the Ethereum Blockchain by AfriSQuare?



      This is where we can now check who really owns the digital artwork using the blockchain explorer.


      You should also note that, when you acquire any of the digital artwork, a physical portrait will be shipped to you wherever you are based on this planet earth.


      The African kings collection is currently listed on Opensea. You can get yours now by visiting; https://opensea.io/AfriSQuare


      You can also join in the conversation by asking your questions on this forum.

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