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      Do you know that there are two suspended lakes in the world. A suspended lake is a lake found on top of a mountain.


      The first suspended lake is “The Hanging Lake” in Colorado, United States of America and the second suspended lake is in Africa.


      Yes… Africa precisely in Nigeria. The suspended lake known as “Iyake Lake” can be found in Ado-Awaye hill in Ado-Awaye town in Oyo State. The lake is said to be bottomless and people who had entered trying to determine the depth of the lake were never seen again. It is believed that the lake is a portal to another world.


      It is also a good tourist attraction as the lake is suspended on a mountain top. Wow! The view will be so amazing from the top and will serve as a good hiking location. It can also be a good camping experience for outdoor lovers and as a destination visiting spot.


      Like all tourist attractions, there are myths and stories. Iyake Lake has an interesting tale to say about how its name came about. The story will be narrated as an African tale by moonlight.


      A long time ago, in the land of Ado-Awaye there lived a woman who had no child of her own. Her people made mockery of her and called her Barren. Unable to the bear the shame and ridicule, the woman went up to the mountains to cry out to the gods for a child.


      It is believed that at her death, she was turned into the lake and her tears formed the water. The lake was named “Iyake” after the woman’s name. Iyake lake became a sanctuary for all barren women who needed children as they believed that the god of fertility will hear their cry.


      The lake has a mysterious hole called “Agbomo fun Iyake” which means “giving a child to Iyake”. If anyone puts their legs in the hole especially if it has water, the person will be drawn straight into the lake.


      Iyake Lake is one of the many tourist attractions on Ado-Awaye Hills. More exciting attractions includes the Iya-Alaro lake. Iya-Alaro lake is named after an elderly woman who usually goes to the lake to tye and dye clothes. How long it happened is uncertain but till date, tye and dye residue is found on the floor now covered with a fine shrubbery vegetation.


      Ese Kan Aiye Ese Kan Orun is one of the steepest places on the Ado-Awaye Mountain. It is the path that leads to the peak of the mountain and a hiker’s favourite spot especially for those who are not afraid of height.


      When climbing the mountain, there is a fallen tree. The trunk of the tree on taking a closer look forms an elephant. The tree has the eyes of an elephant, trunk and body hence the name “Elephant Tree”.


      Have you heard of rain makers. People who can call forth rain especially during a season of draught or famine. Located on the mountain is a vertically elongated rock called Oke Ishage (Ishage rock). No one can say how long the rock has been in existence as the rock has stood solidly without having fallen.


      It is believed that the rock is a house for one of the powerful gods of Ado-Awaye. People pray at the foot of the rock. Whenever there is famine in the land, the chief priest ties a piece of cloth round the waist of the rock after pouring liberations. This leads to heavy rainfall sometimes lasting for 3-4 days straight.


      Ese Awon Agba known as the footprints of the elders. These footprints can be found scattered over the mountain. They are believed to be the footprints of the gods who walked on the mountain and were protecting the people of Ado- Awaye.


      These are wonderful, mesmerizing, exciting and adventurous sights to see while visiting Africa Iyake’s Suspended Lake in Oyo State, Nigeria.


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