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      The internet and technology in general have made everyone in the world to be on the same page regarding development. You can be in Kenya and compete with someone in the United States in your chosen career.  All it takes is for you to have the right information, tools and determination.


      This is the case with NFTs also known as non fungible tokens which is a new technology that helps artists sell their works digitally as non fungible tokens (NFT).


      NFT uses the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum to record and store digital artworks or creations like images, videos or audios on the blockchain thereby making it irreplaceable.


      So, if you convert your digital artwork into an NFT. The blockchain stores that image using codes as the original copy while you are the original owner. NFT can be transferred or traded thereby making it an asset, especially when there are attached values.


      Are NFTs Available in Africa?


      Artists across African countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana are embracing the NFT technology to sell their digital artworks. Like I pointed earlier, the internet is well in place to arm everyone connected with the right information to make progress.


      AfriSQuare is not left behind in creating NFT projects with tokenized digital African arts that tell African stories. AfriSQuare NFTs are digital arts with a lifetime value that passes from generation to generation to its holders.


      Below we shall briefly look into one of the AfriSQuare NFT collections that possesses great value to its holders and how you can acquire and hold this great asset.


      Introducing the African Kings NFT Collection by AfriSQuare


      The African Kings NFT collection by AfriSQuare are digital artworks that showcase portraits of the last 50 kings within the last 50 years scattered across numerous historical kingdoms in Africa. These digital artworks are encoded and minted on the Ethereum Blockchain as non fungible tokens otherwise known as NFTs.


      AfriSQuare are the rightful creators of the African Kings collection. Once you acquire any given digital portrait of any African King, you enjoy the privilege of a yearly trip to the related kingdom palace and heritage sites of that given digital artwork.  For instance, if you acquire the digital artwork of the King of Ashante kingdom in Ghana, you enjoy a yearly trip to King of Ashante palace in Ghana alongside other heritage sites in the Ashante kingdom.


      You also enjoy other special perks such as African tasty foods and drinks, a top notch hotel reservation alongside a personal chauffeur at your beck and call during your stay.


      You see, acquiring and holding digital artwork of the African Kings collection by AfriSQuare comes with a lifetime value of African tourism. This is also an asset as you can sell and transfer the NFT digital artwork to another buyer who can enjoy such great value.


      Feel free to join in the conversation and ask your questions below. The African Kings NFT collection is currently listed on Opensea. You can get yours by visiting the link below.



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