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      The African continent has been known to be a consumer when it comes to cars. Most of the cars used by Africans are imported which oftentimes are usually second-hand cars with high import duties.




      However, Africa is rapidly becoming a producer in the automobile industry manufacturing durable and affordable cars. Automobile companies like Ghana’s Kantanka and Nigeria’s Innoson Vehicle Manufacturer (IVM) are changing the automobile industry narrative.




      In this article, we will look at the Innoson Vehicle Manufacturer (IVM) in Nigeria.



      Innoson motors is a Nigerian-based automobile manufacturer located in Nnewi, Anambra state, in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. It was founded by Chief Innocent Chukuma Nwala, a Nigerian business magnate and investor who is also a computer science teacher at Haylon school in the UK.




      It began with the founder’s passion for the people of Nnewi, which was a central hub for motorcycle importation in 1978, and his core business philosophy of bringing down costs and passing the gain to customers. He started the first ever made-in-Nigeria motorcycle brand which was sold at the rate of N60,000 as against the prices of a new motorcycle and a tokunbo at N150,000 and N100,000 respectively. With this, in the year 2002, he was able to successfully drive tokunbo motorcycles out of Nigeria.




      As of now, Innoson Motors manufactures durable and affordable brand-new automobiles for Africans and even sells at the equivalent cost for their tokunbo, and they have proven to be as good as any foreign automobile brand you know.




      Some of its automobile products include:



      The IVM Caris, a compact sedan based on the Forthing Jingyi S50




      The IVM G20 smart, compact MPV based on the Keyton EX80


      The IVM Ikenga, a compact MPV based on the Weiwand M60




      The IVM Capa, MPV based on the Forthing CM7



      The IVM G5T, a mid-size crossover based on the Forthing T5L




      The IVM G6T, a mid-size SUV based on the Foday Landfort




      The IVM G40, an off-road vehicle based on the Beijing BJ40




      The IVM G80, a mid-size SUV based on the Beijing BJ80




      What makes Innoson vehicles unique is that they are manufactured for African roads hence their rugged nature. Also, the fuel consumed is nothing measured to the distance you cover while driving these products. It also has low chances of overheating despite the hot harsh African weather. The vehicles are manufactured and specially engineered with strengthened shock absorbers to withstand the unending potholes prevalent on African roads.




      What more? In situations where you have financial challenges, the automobile company has partnered with some Nigerian banks to ensure that you have access to car loans and also the car parts are available through their network of sub-dealers nationwide.


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