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    Kasim Bilkisu

      The Northern region of Nigeria is famous for its traditions, tourist centers, cuisine and culture. So if you are in the northern states of Nigeria, try the local cuisine.

      1: Waina
      waina is as gentle as its name suggests. A soft sensation remains on the mouth. Waina, also called Masa, is a leavened puff pastry made from millet or rice. It is prepared in traditional clay pans with individual bowl-shaped grooves. Unlike the bland taste of pancakes, a well-prepared meal allows you to explore life. The sourness adds depth and class to the sweetness. Since masa is a single-grain food, it is best eaten with other protein-rich foods such as meat or fish soup.

      gurasa is a wonderful dish found in all classes in the North. Bringing the rich and the poor together in one dining experience. A trip to Kano is not complete without trying Kano gurasa. The luxury of this gurasa can be better understood by a simple analogy. Kimchi is from Seoul, pizza is from Naples, and gurasa is from Kano. This local Hausa bread goes well with suya.

      3: Suya
      It is blasphemy to describe suya as roast beef. Yaji seasoning is the secret weapon in Suya’s culinary arsenal, giving it a taste unlike any other grilled meat in the world. Its energetic quality quickly transforms tender meat into delicious food. Suya is the most common street food not only in Northern Nigeria but also in other parts of Nigeria.

      4: Fura da Nono
      With a long history of friendship, Fura Nono often presents beautiful and delicious food in your mouth. In the heat of a city like Gombe, a cold Fura da Nono is an attractive way to cool off. Fura da Nono refers to millet balls and fermented milk. There is a tendency to drink too much at once, which ensures restful sleep. A good drink is a balanced drink. The millet balls are carefully mashed into the non-fermented drink and served cold.

      Kilishi is a canvas for creativity. All kinds of aromatic herbs are hung on the dried flat meat and spread on plates to dry. A fantasy of simple British cuisine, this steak is made from 100% seasoned premium beef.Many Nigerian cuisines try to compare suya with kilishi, which do not always turn out to be two identical siblings. Unlike suya, kilishi is hardy, tenacious and long-lasting and can last for several months without changing its taste. This additional feature makes it an easily accessible travel souvenir.

      Kunu is a broad word that refers to drinks made from grains. Millet, peanuts, sorghum. Kunu Zaki is my favorite drink since childhood. Besides the complex and meticulous process involved in making it, its cooling properties are worth the effort. Like the elegance and finesse you often experience when tasting expensive wines, the taste of the contents feels quick and impressive with a single sip and provides a good drink even if it is of poor quality. A blend of cloves, sweet potato, millet and ginger are chemically combined to give kunu its signature creamy energy.All good things have limits. Kunu has a short shelf life and loses its flavor and texture after a few days.

      7:Tuwo shinkafa
      Tuwo shinkafa is a popular rice dish in Northern Nigeria. It is usually served as a side dish to soups and stews and is very easy to prepare. Tuwo shinkafa is usually made from scratch with short grain rice (local rice), but can also be made with rice flour (the easiest and fastest way). It’s also a good alternative to Eba and Fufu if you’re watching your cholesterol or gluten intake carefully.

      8:Miyan Kuka
      Miyan kuka is a Hausa delicacy. If you’ve ever been to the north, you’ve probably seen the dark green powder sold by vendors in northern markets. This is what the Northerns call Kuka. It is made from baobab leaves. The leaves are usually dried in the sun and then ground into a fine powder. Miyan kuka is also called Luru soup. Don’t judge the color of the soup. It has a very good taste. Try and enjoy Miyan Kuka with tuwo shikafa or any other swallow. It’s not a very appealing soup, it’s sticky and green. It is similar to Ogbono soup but has a different color. The colors can be a bit off-putting for beginners, but the visual appeal more than makes up for it in taste and aroma. This is one of those foods that tastes even better when reheated the next day.

      Awara or soya bean cakes are mainly found in northern Nigeria and are eaten as a snack by the Hausa people. It is made from soyabeans, an Asian plant rich in protein. The homeland of the plant is China, where it has been cultivated for 13,000 years.

      10:Miyan zogale
      miyan Zogale (Moringa Soup) it is a tasty Nigerian soup that originated from the northern part of nigeria . This soup is beneficial because it uses moringa leaves. If you’ve heard of moringa leaves, you probably know they have great medicinal properties and are a healthy choice as a vegetable. Miyan Zogale and many Hausa soups are served with semovita or Tuwo shinkafa. This soup is very easy to make and can be made in less than 60 minutes if you cook the moringa leaves beforehand. Moringa leaves can sometimes be tough and can take up to 60 minutes to cook until tender. Just add water and start cooking. You can boil the water and then drink it. It is medicinal.

      They are many other northern food you can see when you travel to the northern part.

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