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      What is Fashion? Fashion is seen as whatever you want it to be. Fashion can be used to express oneself, also it can be seen as one’s style and behaviours. Fashion can also be seen as the use of ornaments and clothing for beautification. Fashion allows you to try new things and be comfortable in them and it also allows you to make statements.

      There are many views and opinions on fashion in many cultures across the different continents, including Africa. Over time African Fashion is seen as a way or ways in which Africans dress and behave both in time past and now.

      Before the 1960’s Africans made use of leaves and sacks to form clothes and they were very creative about it ,before the coming of industrialization Africans made good use of their wrappers which they tied in styles to beautify themselves. African fashion can also be referred to as different styles, patterns and designs that were originated by Africans in Africa. It involves a rich blend of both traditional and contemporary influence.

      African on its own has a unique fashion sense which over time has singled Africans in the fashion industry. African Fashion is known for its luxurious designs and colours. This can be dated back to the early civilization of the African people who made use of materials derived from their environment to create clothing. Various African countries have its fashion style that has helped to improve and grow the African fashion industry.

      This is a well known fact that African Fashion has made a global impact with its unique aesthetics. Using Nigeria as a case study, Nigeria is a country in west Africa which has 36 states and Federal capital Territory as its Capital (Abuja). These different states have various ethnic groups and this ethnic group has its style and fashion which makes it stand out individually.

      Nigeria has 371 ethnic groups, the largest of the groups are Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba.
      The Igbo women do wear blouse and tie two wrappers while the men wear Isi agu and red caps and trousers .They are mostly worn for festivals, August meetings alongside other meetings.
      The Yoruba women wear boubou gowns and the men wear Agbada, the Yoruba group of people are also known for their Aso-oke material and also the Adire . Moreso, the Yorubas are known for their weaving style which has helped improve Africans’ fashion industry. The Hausa people also have the Kaftan and Danshikis.

      Fashion doesn’t only deal with dressing, it covers all aspects like ornaments ,hairstyles and others. We know that Nigeria also has its various hairstyles that have improved and made the fashion industry grow hairstyles like shuku,patewo ,isi owu, isi Aka, Doka and also Tashin Soja.

      We should also note that Nigeria isn’t the only country in Africa with a great fashion style we also have Ghana which is known for its Smock and Kente style , we also have South Africa which is known for their traditional Xhosa Apparel which consist of the long skirts and aprons in nice printed materials and fabric and their beads which are called Ithumbu. Also every other African country has their unique fashion styles.
      We can also go down to bead making in Africa which started in Ghana and Nigeria . Beads are worn all over Africa and has also improved African fashion. Some of the beads are known as Ola Aka(hand bead),Ola Ukwu(waist beads) and Ola Nti(beaded earrings). We also have the traditionally made hand fans .

      Let’s not forget one of the most popular fashion materials known as Ankara which people from various parts of the world come to get and also it has improved the African style .We also have the lace materials .

      People from various parts of the world come to Africa to get these various fashion materials to use and that is known as trade and it has also improved Africans economy. We also have fashion galleries where most of these are sold at affordable prices and also people go there to see these materials and know what it looks like, one of which is the Nike Art Gallery ,African Museums.

      One notable thing about African Fashion is that we haven’t left it behind, it has been enhanced, more fashion trends have been created and it has been passed on to generations. Likes of Stitchesbyaisy, Veekeejames,Trax Apparel have helped in the enhancement of African fashion and style, they have been able to use both the Ankara, lace and aso oke to produce lovely designs up until now .We can say African fashion transcends from generation to generation and it is one of Africans heritage that has come to stay because it cannot be taken away from us because we do it better.

      Africans have also been able to tell stories through their various african attire, African fashion also helps africans to shine in their diversity and craftsmanship . In conclusion we can say that african fashion is the beautiful combination of both traditional and modern fashion which has its unique aesthetics

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