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    Helen Solomon



      Hi Beauties,


      As we come to the close of the year, we cannot wait to take a step back and reassess how far we have come and how better we can be in bringing out models and ambassadors in Africa.



      AfriSQuare has experienced a wonderful year, especially with the Photogenic Stride contest that has succeeded in bringing out modeling potential in African ladies. If you contested in the monthly AfriSQuare Photogenic Stride contest, you would have seen the potential of you becoming a model, the confidence will even be more if you have ever won or been among the runner-ups.



      Anything can happen with consistency. This is also applicable to an African model. Hence, we shall use this month of December to interact and learn how the Photogenic Stride Contest has affected you positively and what you think we can do to improve this initiative.


      Over to you, ladies.


      What do you think of the AfriSQuare Photogenic Contest?  How has it affected you positively? Reply with your answers below as we get to interact.



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