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      You may be wondering if beloved Africa does have a history before interruption by the slave trade and later the colonial era across most African countries in the continent. Yes, Africa did have a rich history before the interruption which also included what it was called in medieval times.




      The beautiful African continent is as mysterious as its beauty and aura. From the rich culture, her people share and the understanding between them which is usually not fully understood by people coming from other parts of the world is sacred and upheld with honour. You will outrightly agree with the fact that a continent as large and populated as Africa does hold lots of secrets about the history of its people, culture, root, and origins.




      From prehistoric times, a lot of countries have shown great interest in trying to conquer and colonize African countries, which many succeeded and the influences of such nations became embedded in the fabrics of the African developmental history. It is a long walk of history before the arrival of the name Africa, and for this fact, we will be explaining how the name came about and what it was called before then as mentioned earlier in the opening of this article.




      The African continent was widely known and called Alkebulan in medieval times and was widely used by predominant dwellers in Ethiopia, Nubia, and Numidia. This name loosely translated to ‘mother of mankind.’ According to historic sources, it also translates to ‘the garden of Eden.’ The name Alkebulan has an indigenous origin and was before the name Africa was given by the influences from the ancient Rome and Greek.  Although, this wasn’t only the name Africa in ancient times was called. There were many other names used throughout history, but this particular one stood out because of its major usage by those in Ethiopia, Libya, and some other prominent countries around Africa.




      Coming back to the history behind famous Africa after Alkebulan, African according to several theories states that the name came from the Romans at the time they discovered land the opposite the Mediterranean and thereafter called the land after a Berber tribe that was living in the Carthage area at that time. The name of that tribe as speculated by many was Afri, hence the coining of Africa which was supposedly called Afri-terra and transformed into Africa.




      Many theories suggest that the name Africa came about from the combination of two Phoenician words, ‘friqi’ and ‘pharika’ which loosely translates to corn and fruit. Other theories however suggested that this name came about with the climate condition of this continent, and they further believed that the name Africa came from the Greek word ‘aphrike,’ which translates to a ‘land free from the cold weather.’ Another of those Greek words that suggested the name Africa is ‘aprica’ which translates to ‘sunny.’




      However, all that influenced and brought about arriving at the name Africa would be best accepted that it was gotten because of the climate, weather, and terrain of the continent, or the combination of two or more of such factors.

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