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    Grace Amos


      In our world today, especially in Africa, most people think it is quite easy to be a model; some think you just need to have a beautiful or handsome face, fine body shapes and good physical appearance. Others think your catwalking should just be on point and you are already a model. Being a model in Africa is not as easy as people perceive it to be; it requires much hard work as most professions out there do, it requires great skills, training and practical experiences.
      In light of this, this article looks to enlighten you on the requirements needed to be a model.

      Being a model requires thick skin/an ability to handle criticism; you need to be confident in yourself and in your figure in order to handle criticism. no matter how accepting and body-positive the modelling agency might be, as a model you will always be using your body and likeness in some form either to display clothing or walk down a runway. It requires your ability to handle things both emotionally and mentally.

      Being a model requires focus and stamina; modelling might seem as simple as walking down a runway or posing for a couple of pictures, but in reality modelling requires a great deal of focus and stamina. It demands your ability to look at ease and comfortable even when you are exhausted and frustrated. Modelling isn’t quite easy, it requires some serious stamina to get through the long days.

      Being a model requires an ability to follow direction; as much as modelling can provide some level of creative freedom, for most part, it requires a model to follow the creative direction of someone else. It could be a photographer, a runway director or an artist, as a model, you have been hired to “model” something which means taking direction to achieve the final vision. A model needs to follow directions with ease without complaining, arguing or being difficult to work with.

      Being a model requires a personal grooming regimen; having the looks is not just enough but also taking care of your appearance is important, especially when hired for a particular look or figure. Personal grooming might include skincare, exercise, hair care, and nail care.

      Build a modelling portfolio; in order to give a potential modelling agency or client a good first impression, a model needs to build an impressive modelling portfolio. As a model you need to have a well-rounded portfolio that showcases your strong points through high-quality and stunning images.

      Lastly, be professional in your modelling approach. Not being time conscious can slowly diminish your career in the modelling industry and you just see yourself gradually fading out. One adopted mentality that most aspiring models have is “I have the looks already, I will just skate by with my pretty face and minimal effort”. There are many pretty faces who are ready to put in the work even with the face.

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