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    Kasim Bilkisu

      Folarin Folake Coker is a Nigerian fashion designer, she was born 28th February 1974 into the family of chief bode Akindele in Lagos, Folake was married to Folorunsho Coker, director general of Nigeria tourism and they had three children. She started her education in Nigeria before she moved to the United state where she concluded her studies, Folake Coker earned a degree in petroleum law from Switzerland before coming back to Nigeria.


      Folake Coker started sewing as an hobby during her studies in Nigeria, during her holidays she decided to learn fashion designing because she had passion for it, after sometime she started sewing clothes for herself and then later upgraded to sewing for her friends, Coker saw a lot of improvement and she Decided to put up a fashion show during her holidays.From that moment she have been doing well.


      Folake is the owner and founder of Tiffany Amber, In 1998 she introduced Tiffany amber Nigeria first ready to wear in Africa, Tiffany amber was more obtainable to women and girls beyond Africa,  it became the most famous fashion brand in Africa. It took a lot of hard work, marketing scheme and consistency for Folake to put Tiffany amber into an international wining label.


      Folake Coker introduced two extension under her clothing line in 2008, TAN by Tiffany amber and Folake Folarin. TAN by Tiffany amber is the diffusion line while Folake Folarin is the couture line. The clothing line was mix with a combination of modern designs across Africa and the fashion cities in Europe and the United state.

      Coker was one of the first African based to show twice at the new York fashion week, her creativity are identified by sensual shapes, rich fabrics and Aesthetic designs. Tiffany amber introduced lifestyle brand, Tiffany amber living in 2014. Tiffany Amber living is produced purely with quality handmade materials that reflect African beauty such as throw pillows, fluffy teddies, hand-painted luxe sofa and many more . Folarin Folake Coker has put a lot of dedication to her brand and it has grown to be one of African most prominent brand.She is also a leader in African fashion world. Folake Coker was picked for African women innovation and entrepreneurship forum (AWIED) award category


      In September 2018, Tiffany Amber collaborated with a French cosmetic brand to present her summer spring for 2019 titled Made in Africa , Made for Now.


      Tiffany Amber was picked to be an ambassador of luxury connect Africa and it was the first Nigerian brand to be used.


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