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    Blessing Ayomide

      The Yoruba people were believed to have originated from Ile ife. Their cultures are closely linked to nature, strong belief in the supreme being God of all creations called Olorun or Olodumare, and over 200 lesser gods are called orisa.



      Many of the gods are represented by the natural creations of the environment eg yemoja the goddess of the Sea and fishes, sango the god of thunder, oya who was Sango’s dearest wife, and the goddess of the Storm.



      In yoruba Osun was said to have disappeared into a river as a result of a misunderstanding between her and “oba” co-wife of sango known as the god of iron.


      The Osun river was sourced from Igede-Ekite, the flow’s through Ilesha and oshogbo town and Garmin acted itself is the Atlantic ocean. Her water of life.




      The water is strongly believed to have healed. it is said to be productive and has many powers, it is also believed that the goddess inhabits the grove while the ruler meanders within the grove called the osun-osogbo secret Grove.



      The early people of osogbo people were ijesha from omu in obokun area where they were faced with bad living conditions for farming preventing them from essential water for farming and domestic use. This condition tempted them to want to move to better areas for comfortable living.



      The osun-osogbo festival has been with us since the city of osogbo was founded, it has always been a source of spiritual refreshing for thousands of foreigners who come from so many countries around the world to celebrate and participate in the osun oshogbo festival.



      The osun oshogbo festival contribute to all their daily lives and their way of living . osun is regarded as the creativity and the prosperity of the people.



      Although osogbo is the home of Osun, The deity is worshiped throughout the Yoruba land which makes the deity unique and beautiful just as the deity.


      Osogbo stand’s tall as the city remains the host of an international festival and culture of over-increasing popular gravity which is turning fast into a staunch of riches for the increasing State of Osun most especially in culture and traditions.

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