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    Tanya Tendai

      The modern day Zimbabwe country precisely the Southeastern portion once experienced a bustling global economy in historic times. Great Zimbabwe as it was known is the capital city of an indigeneous empire that thrived between the 13th and 15th century and aso one of the attractive monuments situated in Sub Saharan Africa with a collection of stone towers, stacked boulders and defensive walls. This kingdom ruled over the present day Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

      Over 20,000 Bantu speaking people also known as the Shona tribe which consist of the Ndau, Tonga-Korekore, Zezuru, Karanga and the Manyiku people occupied these areas. They traded thrively on cattle husbandry, gold trade on the indian ocean coast and agriculture.

      Their global trading and merchandise influence can be traced to the discovery of the remains of artifacts such as the Arabian glass, Chinese pottery and European textiles. The kingdom mysteriously went into decline later in the 15th century.

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