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    Gomez Lamin


      Opportunities which are now existing for Africa Models owe its credit to models like Alex Wek, Iman, pioneers of modeling in Africa who laid a foundation for black models in the global fashion world. Despite the fact that African models grace many fashion shows and global runways, the proportion of African models in the field is lesser compared to the whites.


      However, Modeling is not just about being a supermodel like Naomi Campbell but models act as ambassadors for showcasing products to attract customers for companies that employed them.


      There are different kind of models ranging from plus size to skinny models. This is the first thing to know when determining to be a model. These include:


      Fashion Model


      They are usually referred to as Editorial models who appear in magazines like Vogue, Elle and all. They work for the topnotch fashion industry. These types of models adhere to strict diet  and fitness rules alongside embracing professionalism in outlook.


      Runway Model



      These are models designers usually hire in order to fit the clothes they have made for their collections. These models are catwalk models usually 5 feet, 9 inches tall or taller. Skinny models are preferable for this field.


      Commercial model


      They can be of any size, height or age because they work on campaigns and commercials to advertise products. Anybody can be a commercial model.


      Swimsuit and Lingerie model


      They are employed to advertise designer underwears. As the name implies, they model specific garments like lingerie, bikinis, summer wear swimsuit and night wear.These models can also appear on editorials, walk runway shows and appear in catalogs for various brands and designers. These models also can also be show room or fit models.


      Fitness Model


      Athletic build models are hired to work in fitness campaign, athletic wears companies as well commercial advertisement. So there is a huge demand for fitness models and in order to fit in this path, one should adhere to maintaining healthy eating and being more enthusiastic about one’s health. Fitness modeling takes determination and hard work.


      Catalogue Model


      The world has become digitalised and there is a high demand for models to attract customers. Print media has been converted into digitals as people have access to internet.These models are considered to look like real people than editorial models.


      Parts Model


      These models specialise in modeling the parts of their body like hand, face, neck, and feet. They are hinged with the response making their skin flawless and even-toned.


      Promotional models


      They are known as brand or promo models. They are employed to promote brands or products at live shows, trade shows or digital launches. They are highly extroverted, smart and well equipped with the knowledge of the brand they are promoting.


      These are the different field  models one can venture into.

      In modeling, Age is not a barrier because there are different types of models in terms of age. Either young or old, models are needed in high quantity to represent fashion designer clothes collection. Normally, young people from the age of 14 to 15 who take interest in modeling are required to be 5’7 or 6 tall. Typically, model agencies look for young males and females from 16 to 22 who are 5 feet 9 inches tall because they appear younger and appealing. We also have child model and mature model.


      Child Model


      Model agencies look for children 13 years below who are smart, interactive and fast learners to grace editorial jobs, advertising contracts and all sorts of modeling projects.


      Mature Model

      Wrinkles, greys are not obstructions for modeling. A mature model is from 35 to 40 years with healthy and physical fitness. Many fashion magazines are embracing the idea of using different ages for their campaigns and catalogues. They are also considered as commercial models.


      Size is also a determining factor in venturing into model. Skinny models are usually favoured however plus size model has become important to fashion and commercial modeling. Over the years, we have seen plus size super models in the fashion industry. With more industries and agencies having plus size division, opportunities are opened for people of 12 to 14 size which are considered for print media. Runway shows require size 18 to 22. The ideal height for plus size model 5’9 or 6. The most important thing for a plus-size model is to feel comfortable in his or her skin. They must live a healthy lifestyle and have confidence.


      Modeling Agencies go for female models that are 5 feet 9 inches and male models who are 5 feet 11 inches tall. However, they also go for petite models who are above 5 feet 1 inch and are not taller than 5 feet 7 inches. Petite models who have unique look and confidence can find themselves in a lot of modeling sector.


      Gone are the days when modeling was based on luck. It depends on hard work, perseverance and discipline. A new model must have a legitimate agency that represent him or her. Here are some few tips on how to kick start modeling career.

      1. Different kinds of models have been listed above. So determine what kind of model to fit in.

      2. Creating portfolio is a great idea. Portfolio is just like a CV. This is investing time on professional photography and keep them.

      3. Getting trainings are required as no formal education is required. Learning how to pose and strut for runways.

      4. Work on getting discovered by going on auditions.

      5. Making face to face contacts with professional photographers, make-up artist and stylists. They can be found at  fashion shows and live events.

      6. Work on getting signed. Go for model agencies and ensure they know your interest in representing them.


      You can kick start your modeling career by auditioning for the AfriSQuare Photogenic Contest. Click here to get started.


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