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    Jennifer Festus

      The Karas region of south western Namibia possesses an archeological site known as Goachanas but named by a German archeologist as Apollo 11, because it was discovered on the same day NASA successful space mission to and from the moon was successful.

      The Apollo 11 cave contains 11 pieces of moveable arts which are part of the oldest ever discovered in the Southern part of Africa. These hand sized slabs also known as Apollo 11 stones have hand drawings of animals with charcoal and were dated back to over 25,000 years ago which was overtime buried on the floor and was discovered by a team of German archeologists led by W.E Wendt.

      We use to believe that the Hominids that existed in Africa during Pre Historic times are mostly hunters, these discoveries amongst others have put these believes to a nought as we can see that humans or homosapiens that existed during those times were creative and they expressed themselves using one form of creativity or the other.

      Various forms of this creativity have been discovered and the Apollo 11 cave is not an exemption as there were also paintings in red and white of different geometrical patterns and animals on the walls of the Apollo 11 cave.

      The Apollo 11 cave and stone discovery is a full proof that Art started in Africa and the inhabitants that existed then were not just hunters but express themselves creatively.

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