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      Situated on the beautiful island of Mauritius is the Black River Gorges National Park. it is the largest national park in Mauritius with a wide expanse of dense and lush forest and highlands making up roughly 5% of the entire Indian Ocean island nation.


      The area provides nature lovers with some of the world’s best hiking and bird-watching views. It is loved for not just its unique wildlife, but the gorge also offers countless vistas, waterfalls, and spectacular views, making it an absolute must-visit experience on a trip to Mauritius.


      The National Park covers an area of roughly 6,700 hectares, which includes drier lowland forests, marshy heathlands, and humid forests further upland. The climate is actually more relaxed compared to the rest of the island. The park is the last refuge for many native and endangered species and one of the rarest forests in the world and has some of the most breathtaking views you could hope for.


      The wide, astounding gorge from which the park derives its name immeasurably curves between a series of stunning mountain ranges, as countless waterfalls tumble from the hillsides. Black River Gorges is so large that there are four entrances to the national park. It has the best national park for hiking and trekking in Mauritius, with a total length of hiking trails of more than 60 km that passes through different landscapes. The vast majority of hiking trails begin at one of the four entrances and lead to another.


      Black River Gorge National Park is home to endangered species of birds like the pink pigeon, the echo parakeet, and the Mauritius kestrel. It has a wide range of flora and fauna with more than 700 species of plants. The national park is like a Grand Canyon filled with lofty peaks which have various adventure activities. It is the perfect place to spot animals like Rusa deer and wild pigs while having a stroll sound the park. The birds of this spellbinding park are its specialty and tourists can find rare birds like the Mauritius kestrel, cuckoo-shrike, bulbul, olive white-eye, and Mauritius fody.


      There are exciting activities to do when you visit the national park that would give you an adventurous tourist experience. If you like adventures then hiking should be number one on your bucket list when you are on a trip to the Black River Gorges National Park. Here are the hiking points;


      The Macchabée Trail is one of the easiest trails and is very popular in the park.


      The Grosse Cateau Verte Trail is an 8 km long trail from the Visitors Center, connecting Plaine Champagne to the Gorges. This trek is steep and difficult but the view on this trail is unbelievable.


      The Black River Piton is a 9 km round trip and a moderate trail. It starts at 500 m after the park entry of the Gorges Point of View.


      Savanne Sud: This is an easy hike which is a 6 km round trip at the end of the road Les Mares on which you can relish the panoramic views of the coast.


      Cascade Des Galets (Cascade 500 feet): It is a short 3 Km hike, but it is difficult and very strenuous.


      Fee For Hike: INR 4500/- per person on an average


      Birdwatching is another activity that is very popular here. The park hosts a huge number of exotic birds and it is an outstanding experience to just watch nature function in its own way. Some of the birds you will get to see here are the pink pigeon, echo parakeet, Mauritius kestrel, and more. You could also go on a tour of the humongous gorges that creates beautiful canyon-like shape.


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