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    Grace Amos

      Located in the southwest-central of Madagascar, close to Belazao village which is 15km from Antsirabe is a volcanic lake called Lake Tritriva. Featuring beautiful green waters surrounded by a pine forest, Lake Tritriva is nestled at the foot of the eponymous mountain, reaching an altitude of 1,651 m.The lake has a strict fady (Taboo) and swimming in the lake is prohibited.

      The lake is perceived to inspire respect and fear for Malagasy people because of the mythical story behind the lake and for tourists or travelers, it is seen as a beautiful natural site to be visited during a stop in Antsirabe.

      The history of the lake is believed to be intertwined with that of two romantic couples, Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta who allegedly committed suicide in the lake during the reign of King Andrianampoinimerina because of their forbidden love. However, before that, there has been no record of another history of the little volcanic Lake Tritriva.

      Their love was forbidden because one came from a royal family and the other from a modest family, which made their union impossible in the eyes of their respective families and the society of that time. Despite the obstacles their love encountered, they loved each other and swore that only death could separate them: “Faty no isarahana”. They became frustrated by the persecution from their family members and the village and later decided to wrap themselves together in silk cloth before jumping into the lake.

      After the cursed lovers committed suicide, Malagasy people believed that their souls would have reincarnated in the intertwined trunks of a tree growing on a rock on the shore of the lake. The trunks would bleed if it is cut.

      Unusually similar to the shape of Madagascar, Lake Tritriva is sacred and according to legend, it turns red when an important event is about to occur in the country. It is also believed that half of the lake’s water would turn red anytime a young died in the village of the unfortunate fiancee, and it fully turns red if a young man died in the fiance’s village.

      It was also reported that there was a third death in the lake. It was Chinese man who defiled the rule of not swimming in the lake. He died after eating pork and swimming in Lake Tritriva.

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