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      In the early nineties, a certain biblical Samson of Nigeria existed; his name was Uzoma Nwaozuzu Nwachukwu popularly known as “Killiwe Nwachukwu”. Nwachukwu hailed from Mbaitolu in Imo State, Nigeria.



      He got the nickname from a fight between a stubborn man and his wife. The story has it that the man patronized his truck pushing services then when truck vehicles were not rampant and refused to pay after he had carried the man’s goods from his store to his house, claiming the charges were too high. The man tried to walk away and Nwachukwu dragged him by the hand insisting he must pay, a fight ensued and he pinned the man to the ground. The man’s wife wanted to assist the man and came with a wooden pestle, Nwachukwu grabbed it from her, lifted her, and pinned her on top of her husband. Helpless, she started shouting “killi we, Nwachukwu” in her broken English translation of “kill us, Nwachukwu”.



      Killi we Nwachukwu was the strongest man in Nigeria; for more than 30 years he was celebrated as a homegrown superman, he was the epitome of strength and was known for that enormous strength.



      Some of the legendary displays of that strength featured lifted buses, having cement blocks crushed on his head, using bare hands to hammer nails, breaking coconut on his head, six people standing on his body at the same time, allowing cars to drive over his body and even dragging a vehicle with a rope girdled to his teeth. He performed so many power acrobats and people even paid to watch him. His strength came from eating many local foods like fufu and pounded yam.



      Uzoma Nwachukwu was born in 1931, he had six wives and 7 concubines. He died on the 30th of October 1992 and is survived by 19 children.



      Prior to his death, he complained of rhythmic muscle movement around his body which later metamorphosed to muscle stiffness as a result of his retirement from his superman career that brought about his fame. He died in his sleep at 61 years.

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