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    Helen Solomon

      Hi beauties,


      You are welcome to the AfriSQuare Model Ambassadors forum.



      We are delighted to have you on board as ambassadors for AfriSQuare. This means you represent AfriSQuare models anywhere you find yourself.  Basically, your task is to recruit models through an available contest on AfriSQuare and get rewarded when you are able to get a minimum of 50 contestants under you. You are also privileged to participate in contests.



      The current contest we have on the ground is the AfriSQuare Photogenic Stride Contest which is located here: https://afrisquare.africa/photogenic-stride/



      You will have to share the above link with your contestants. You can locate this page on the mobile app by clicking the menu icon and clicking on Photogenic Stride.



      So, how can you get a minimum of 50 contestants to sign under you?




      From our observations, we see that some of you here are already having 20 contestants under them. And we have not gone far, so I strongly believe this is achievable. We shall however look at ways you can get contestants to sign under you and they are;




      1. Through Online Channels:


      This is one of the effective ways you can get more than 50 contestants to sign under you every month. Online channels are platforms like Facebook, Instagram, AfriSQuare,  and WhatsApp amongst others.  In this method, you only do a little task every day to gain maximum results.  These tasks include;



      a. Post your message on your channels and status for contestants to sign up and upload pictures, get their names and send them to one of the admins for record keeping.  You may use the below tactics;



      Step 1: Post the below message on your status and other online channels;



      AfriSQuare photogenic Stride for Every African Lady.  $150 Cash Prize up for Grabs.  Upload your best photos. Voting and Contest are Free. Dm me for the link to the contest.



      You may also save the attached image on your device to upload alongside your message.   Or request images from one of the admins.







      Step 2: When your friends contact you for details of the contest. Send them this link:  https://afrisquare.africa/photogenic-stride/



      Ensure they are registered and have uploaded their photos before you send their names to an admin for records purposes.  They can as well select your name as their referrer while uploading their pictures. But still send their names.




      2. Through Offline Methods (Your Environment):




      I am sure you would have one way or the other seen ladies taking selfies and pictures in your environments such as your neighborhood, school, or even worship center.  As the ambassador that you are, you can easily walk up to them, and ask them to contest and stand a  chance to win. You can then get their contact and forward them this same link:  https://afrisquare.africa/photogenic-stride/  



      Once you are sure of them uploading their photos, send their names to an admin for record purposes.




      With the above methods, you are sure of surpassing the target of 50 contestants under you.




      Links you should take note of for you and your contestants:



      Photogenic Stride page:  https://afrisquare.africa/photogenic-stride/ 



      September Edition (Contest page where you can upload pictures and locate your picture to share your link): https://afrisquare.africa/september-2022-edition/




      You can contact any of our admins for immediate response to any difficulty encountered via the following channels:



      Email: contest@afrisquare.africa



      Whatsapp: +2347060456088, +2349048289154



      More contact lines will be dropped here.


      You can also ask your questions below.


      Thank you and all the best.








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