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    Loret Dawit

      The queen of Sheba is a stylish and mysterious figure whose personality immortalized in both the Bible and Quran.



      According to the Bible, she was a majestic queen who had come to test the wisdom of King Solomon, who was one of the richest King in those days.



      The region of Sheba mentioned in the Bible has been identified as the kingdom of seba in southern Arabia but also with Ethiopia in East Africa.



      In the Bible, the Queen of Sheba brings King Solomon expensive and lavishly gifts which are made of golds and precious stones and honoured his wisdom and greatness before returning to her own country.



      According to the Ethiopians, King Solomon seduced her and fathered her son she named Menelik, who became the first King of the Solomonic dynasty. Menelik would travel to Jerusalem to see his father and would return to Ethiopia with the Ark of Covenant, a casket God commanded Moses to make. The Ark and it’s commandment still reside in Aksum, local asserts in a simple chapel guarded by Ethiopians orthodox monks.



      According to the Quran, the Queen of Sheba is known as bilqis who rules over the Kingdom of Sheba. When King Solomon(suleyman) discovered her greatness and wealth, he demanded to see her and sent her letters and the content of the letter was that she should leave her gods and worship the god of Solomon. When she read the letters she asked the council for advice, but she is going to make the final decision of what to do. She sends Solomon gifts through a messenger but he rejects it and told the messenger that unless the queen complies, he will come against them with a host that they have no power to resist.



      He later succeeded her by using his wisdom, and the Queen of Sheba submitted herself and all her kingdom to the god of Solomon. Further Islamic traditions said she married Solomon.

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