• The airport is located in the coastal town of Lungi, Sierra Leone.
  • The $270 billion project started in December 2020.
  • The airport is a green airport powered by just solar energy.

Freetown International Airport, which is locally known as Lungi International Airport is an international airport located in the coastal town of Lungi, Sierra Leone. 

This once-British Royal Air Force base is operated by the Sierra Leone Airports Authority. The Government Aviation Minister talked about the refurbishment of Lungi and the building of a bridge that will better link the airport to Freetown. The Lungi Bridge project was then announced by the president in 2019.

After the approval of the parliament in December 2020, the expansion of the $270 billion project started. The project included a new passenger terminal, VIP terminal, taxiways, and a widening of the runway. The annual capacity will now be one million passengers and it will be capable of handling 8 wide-body aircraft at any one time. The new terminal is located on the northern side of the runway, towards the eastern end.

The terminal building of the airport is composed of three distinct zones, which include a waiting hall, a departures wing, and an arrivals wing. The general waiting hall provides ticketing desks for local transportation, postal services, a travel agency office, and a restaurant. The departure wing contains duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges for business-class passengers and VIPs. the arrival wing has a customs hall with a money exchange office, a shop, a lost and found garbage office, and an information office. The airport grounds also contain two banks, a police center, various restaurants, two car parks, and a mosque.

The best part of his development is that the airport is a green airport fully powered by solar energy. It was officially opened on the 4th of March, 2023.


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