What You Talk About Will Increase or Reduce Your Value


This is the story of a young guy who doesn’t know how envious he was in the sight of others because of the kind of life he lived.  He always finds himself in the midst of other young people around his vicinity. He isn’t a dull guy but his kind of life was one of the best which made some individuals envy him without his knowledge.


Most times in the gathering of young men, the subject matters have always been about women, being that he is smart and associating he always gets himself in their gathering and when such a topic is been raised for discussion, he would want to chip in his idea on the subject matter but he has always been a thing of mockery to the other guys.



They wouldn’t allow him to speak, they would always say to him that he had no experience since he has never indulged in that kind of lifestyle.  He would feel embarrassed and belittled. He loves these people he is associating with and he can’t let go of them, at the same time, he can’t see himself doing what they want him to do.


He knows he has the capacity to do this thing but can’t see himself doing it. He made a promise to someone so important to him and dared to keep the promise but the thought of losing his pals gives him sleepy nights.


Surprisingly, he started considering what his pals were talking about, he started nursing the idea and finding reasons to do what they said he can’t do.  He was in a state of confusion which gave his pals the edge to convince him more and he failed so easily and subjected himself to be used by the devil.


A few weeks after he had done the unthinkable, they gathered as usual and they were discussing, he wanted to drop some ideas and he was still shut up, he was awed because what they know he has gone there and tasted the same thing why are they still shutting him up.  One of them said to him, just yesterday you started un-panting women, you want to give advice, what did you know about women? Have you contracted any disease from a woman before, if you haven’t treated any infection from women, Oga, sit down you haven’t started having sex.


He became more surprised and asked, must I get a disease before I qualify to air my option in this gathering? They all giggled at him.

Do I have a message with this story, of course, I do and I would like you to listen to me.


Who do you call a friend or who are your friends? How are they affecting your life? What contributions are they making to link you with those that matter?


Hear this, those you associate with have every opportunity to inspire or devalue you. The kind of people you welcome into your life become a watchdog that either watches to kill or protect you.  Know this, he who loves you will never allow you to go astray, and don’t see bad advice from these people as a love language. Don’t fall victim to seeking pals and devaluing your standard.


Don’t seek pals first instead, dare to seek a discerning spirit with his guide. You would be able to make beautiful friends that will not only help you achieve your desires but will become your family.


Friends are so important in our lives but hey, don’t be carried away and accept what isn’t your choice simply because you want to get closer to this person. What happens when you get there and discover something weird, would you be able to retrace your steps? Then you have lost two things at a go.

Never be in an association that isn’t like minds, and never force to be closer to someone you haven’t understood his or her ways about. Don’t be in a rush to step into any kind of relationship with a person you barely know. It might hurt you more than you think.



Lastly, when building a brand for yourself, you must be very careful with those you tell your dreams to. Stop sharing your ideas, knowledge, or connections with those who just stepped into your life, it isn’t good, it is foolishness.


Learn how to monitor those who claimed to be your friend, most times they aren’t there because they want to or because they cherish you but they are seeking any chance to backstab and steal from you.

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