Government Doubles Budget for Uganda Tourism.


For the advancement of tourism in Uganda, the Ugandan government has doubled the budget for tourism.

Some of the challenges faced in the aspect of tourism in Uganda are the inability to access the tourist destinations due to insufficient, damaged, or inaccessible roads, and poor facilities around the tourist attractions. The doubled tourism budget will fix some of these challenges.


The increase in budget was announced by the Ministry of Finance, planning, and economic development budget for 2023-2024. According to the Ministry, the tourism sector has been given more funding to improve the tourist attractions in Uganda, and their marketing strategies such as the roads, facilities, and advertising.


According to reliable sources like CNN, Uganda ranks top 10 countries with fascinating tourist attractions. However, as a country, its yet to be classified as a top tourist destination due to the much-needed effort for improvement in the sector.


Advice was sought from some Ugandan Tourism consultants and according to them, some of the major challenges that have caused this unattractive direction for the tourism industry are the inability to access the tourism destinations due to bad, damaged, or inaccessible roads, poor facilities around the tourist attractions and so on but all these can be changed with the doubled budget for the tourism industry.

They, however, encouraged the government to promote laws and actively prohibit activities threatening the sustainable development of fascinating tourist attractions like national parks, lakes, and beautiful forests home to wildlife.


They reiterated how they appreciated the resources offered by the government in the form of financial aid and how it will be of great help.

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