Nana Dakrabo is set to replicate Hollywood in Ghana, a west African Country.  The facility which is to be sited in 321 acres of space has an estimated financial value of $350m. This facility will host film and music schools, office space, concert halls, screening theaters, hotel crews, sound stages, recording studio, production facilities, and 240 acre backlot.


“I’ve been working so hard and I finally get an opportunity to share. I’m bringing a world-class film studio with recording studio, concert hall, and my favorite part, a film/music school in my region of Ghana. This will be the 1st film studio in all of West Africa.” Nana Dakrabo said on his Instagram page.  This project will be constructed in collaboration with the Washington D.C based WEG Studios; some popular actors like Koby Maxwell and Michael Blackson will play a prominent role in the project.


Since the announcement, many in entertainments space have demonstrated their desire to be part of the project in many ways. Some interest figures are directly volunteering to be part of this. “I would love to be part of this and assist; this is huge!” said Basheer Jones. “You’ve got my full support,” said Elorm Wealth. These desires are not far from his clarity in stating that he is more of just the visionary leader in this all-hands-on-the deck project. “I thank Jesus for the vision and for putting the people in my life that believe in this project and add tremendous value. Let’s make history!” Nana Dakrabo said on his Instagram page.


Nana Dakrabo 1, Mpuntuhene is a chieftaincy title conferred on him in the Asebu Kingdom in the central Region of Ghana; this royal name, when literally translated, means a Development Chief.

Nana Dakrabo                            

Michael B. Pratt, now addressed as Nana Dakrabo is a business mogul born in the United States of America. “I was born in Los Angeles and raised around celebrities and executives. Essentially, I was raised around Hollywood and now I will bring Hollywood to Ghana.” he said.

The steam to steer the development in Africa appears to be on the rise; just as Michael Pratt is pushing the ends, the likes of Akon has also been doing more to harness the enormous resources of Africa for future development.  In his words, NC Abram,  a winning actor, writer, and producer described the project as “For the land, For the culture, For the future.”.

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