I love you and as someone who is deeply aware of myself and my emotions, I know it is not mere infatuation. You give me butterflies and you make me anxious but not in a bad way. I spend hours thinking about you and all that we could achieve together, I think of what our kids will look like and how our family will turn out.


You made the days brighter and the nights starrier. The kind of love that relegated all my problems to the background; it felt like you were the main character in my own life. It was really easy to fall in love with you; you were gorgeous, kind, bubbly and really sweet to everyone, I wondered why someone had not snatched you up yet.


When you started talking to me, you talked to me like you had known me for a long time; you touched my forearm and it lingered for a bit or was that just my imagination? But even the next day I could still feel the heat of your fingers on that spot.


I noticed how you stole glances at me and when I looked, you looked away quickly. I felt special, it felt like every other person was a faded picture in an artist’s canvas. I did not want any other person seeing what I was seeing, I did not want any other person to discover this treasure that wasn’t buried away from the eyes of vile humans. So, as I close this trunk over you, gagged and blindfolded, I just want you to know that I do this because I love you.

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