In 2017, the construction of a new bus station in Rabat started. On the 28th of November, 2022, King Mohamed VI inaugurated the bus station in Rabat, the city of light and Moroccan capital of culture.


This bus station will transport up to 10,000 daily, it has a shopping center that comprises 40 shops and also has an outdoor parking lot for cars. It is equipped with 46 platforms for coaches and a parking lot for long term parking with the capacity to hold 22 coaches. It has a drop off area, catering and commercial properties.


The idea behind this is to boost transportation infrastructure, reduce greenhouse emissions and create more job opportunities. Also, to reduce traffic congestion in the city, reduce the rate of pollution and to optimize passenger transport.


This project combines modernity and authenticity; designed with optimal interior space and has direct access to the Rabat-Casablanca highway which helps reduce travel time significantly. It is a new generation bus station equipped with an integrated management information system that facilitates the information and reception of passengers, ensures optimal management of passenger transport and logistics operations and facilitates the purchase of travel tickets.


MAD 245 million which is approximately 22.9 million dollars was invested into this project. This is part of the many actions captained by the king intended to improve the living conditions of the citizens.

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