inDrive Expands its Ride-Hailing Service to Lesotho.


InDrive, an e-hailing ride service announced the expansion of its services to Lesotho, in line with the company’s ongoing expansion in Southern Africa. The e-taxi app is quite different from conventional ride-hailing apps as it permits drivers and passengers to determine their own fares rather than complying with prices set by algorithms.

With inDrive, passengers can describe their trip and suggest a fare while drivers may accept, decline, or make a counteroffer without any penalties. The decision can be made by considering factors like the fare amount, car type, estimated arrival time, and driver ratings, Also the drivers are able to select profitable and convenient requests.

According to the Business Development Representative for Southern Africa, Vincent Lilane, “There is a clear need for a new approach to ride-hailing. inDrive’s unique fare negotiation model empowers drivers and passengers to agree on a price without algorithmic restrictions”.

He said, “We believe that this method offers a sound solution to many current challenges in the Southern Africa ride-hailing market”.

inDrive’s expansion into southern Africa is well-timed as the platform positions itself to be a viable alternative to Uber and Bolt in the region. In Lesotho and Botswana, Uber and Bolt are unavailable, and inDrive has become the defacto ride-hailing service.

Additionally, in South Africa, inDrive is capitalizing on the endless struggles of Uber and Bolt. driver strikes over commission fees, concerns over customer safety, and fights with minibus taxi drivers are issues Bolt and Uber have had to deal with this year.

InDrive stands out since its service charge is far less than those of competing platforms. This fee has been completely eliminated in Lesotho, allowing drivers to keep all of their earnings. Before going back to the regular price, this no-commission deal is valid for six months.

Also, safety is a top priority for InDrive. Rigorous background checks are conducted on drivers, including verification of necessary documents and licenses. Passengers are encouraged to rate their rides, thereby offering insights into driver behavior and service quality.

Incorporated safety features in the app include real-time GPS tracking during trips, allowing passengers to share travel information with family or friends. An emergency button within the app enables immediate contact with authorities, backed by 24/7 dedicated support.


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