Its Date Night…


Date night is one of the best way a male and a female get to know each other better. Its like a prelude to the main goal which could either end in a long-term relationship … I’m referring to the forever kind or the short-term relationship which can be a one-night stand or a 90 days experiment. All this depends on the two individuals involved and their intentions. Dating could be likened to a dance tease contest whereby the best dance partners win the competition.


Today’s dating has become a chop me I chop you version. Some men go on dates with the intention of the night ending with the woman’s legs up in the air and for some ladies, it is the reverse intention as they hope to empty the pockets of the men. Either way, one person succeeds or fails to achieve their intention.


This brings to mind a video that trended over the weekend. From the clip, we could see a young man videoing a lady over a date gone sour. One could hear the man accusing the lady of eating food that costs over 12k and the lady was just requesting for a power bank to charge her phone so she could pay the bill.


Now, that wasn’t a good situation to be in. A man who has respect for a woman will not go as far into demeaning her. What happens to the gentleman culture a man ought to have in born or at least portray. Regardless of what transpired, videoing someone without consent is totally wrong. There are better ways to handle issues like that without it being escalated and turned into a viral video.


One of the reasons we go on date nights is to potentially know our partners. Know about the personality of the person. We have questions in our minds hoping our partners will answer with how the date went well. Firstly, when going on a date with someone, the location is very important.


Can your pocket afford where you want to take the lady. The first date is all about impressing one another. It is actually the first time the man and the lady are going out or hanging out. Some have held their first dates indoors while some outdoors. It could be a movie night, a party, a walk in the park, a dinner date etc. All this depends on who both parties are.


I believe that prior to the date, both parties have probably been talking or chatting on the phone. Having such conservations gives you an idea of what the personality of the person is. It then tells you how to leave a lasting impression. If a woman is worth it, the efforts a man puts into impressing her shows.


Men will not make any efforts for a woman who they do not want. Likewise, women also, they will not put efforts into looking fabulous if the man is not worth the stress.


Yeah… its date night. The lady spends time to look good. She picks an outfit that suits the nature of the date, dons up her hair and makeup. The man equally shows up all nice and looking good. As I earlier said, first date is all about leaving a remarkable impression.


Depending on the location chosen, the menu should be requested. If its an expensive place, prices will be a bit different so kindly choose an affordable location. For the ladies, its always important to have vex money which can become handy if a date goes sour.


In terms of picking a meal, a lady should not go overboard but if the man gives her an open cheque, then she can order what she can eat. In scenarios like this, the man is quite capable. Depending on the chemistry between both partners, they can both choose a favorite meal, try a new meal or the lady can trust the man’s impeccable taste likewise for the man also.


Getting into the date proper. Feel free to have answers to all the questions in your mind. Is he/ she a nice person. Is the person interested in knowing you. Do they allow you to converse freely or the conversations is solely about them.


What are they passionate about. What drives them? Mind you this are questions for people with serious intentions and the matured. Do you feel free with the person and is the chemistry on par. For those with short term interest, chemistry is very important as this may likely develop into something real.


Not all dates are the same. Some dates ends so well that the man gets access into the cookie jar same night. Some dates may leave you wanting and longing till when next you meet. And some dates may end up horrible just like what happened in the viral video. At this point, vex money becomes a life safer.


Women should not go out on dates without having money on them especially when meeting a stranger. It is also advisable to have an out-door date especially with someone you barely know.


When it comes to payment of the bill, I know there has been a slight discussion on this. Ideally, a man should foot the bills from the date night. Yeah… it’s a full stop. But then it depends on the individuals involved or who requested for the date.


A first-time date is footed by the man as he followed through with the process of approaching a lady he likes, collects her number and asks her out for a date. Now if the first date goes smoothly, they are more likely to have more dates and the bill payment will not be an issue. If you happen to be on a date with an independent lady, she may offer to split the bills. It is left for the man to accept or reject.


Date nights is one of the many processes to know if your partner has the minimum requirements for more dates to occur. Mind you, on a first date there are no high expectations. Just two people wanting to have a good perhaps fun filled night. And a first date may lead to more date nights.


You can share your stories of how a date night was for you. Remember that we all have different date night experiences.


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