The first edition of the Cavally “Boyé Gôh” festival of arts and culture Wê, took place in Guiglo, Ivory Coast on Saturday November 19, 2022, with a ceremony in the Houphouet-Boigny public Square.

The festival ceremony had quite a number of dignitaries in attendance, including the Minister of Public Service, Anne Desiree Oluloto (the initiator), Minister of Interior and Security, Vagondo Diomande, Minister of Tourism Siandou Fofana, Minister, Governor of the Mountains District, Albert Flinde, amongst others.

This first edition of the Boyé Gôh festival started on Thursday, November 10 and ended on Saturday November 19. It was marked by several activities, particularly scientific activities, fresco, fashion show, mask performances, culinary competition, exhibition sale, awareness of young people on the misdeeds of illegal immigration and artistry.

The people of the Wê culture live across western Ivory Coast and neighbouring Liberia, they speak their own languages and include numerous subgroups like Bété, Nyabwa, and Guéré. Wês are believed to have been living in the region since the 13th century.

According to the organisers, the Boyé Gôh festival is a way to exhibit the traditions, crafts and culture, and to promote peace and tourism.

Felix Le Kpahi Dehe said: “The Glaes are a secret society, they are spirits, they are our cultural values, and when we do events they have to come out”. 

The Glaes are traditional masks worn by the Wês.

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