Africa has a lot of resources that can aid in a transition to go green. From natural mineral resources to fertile lands. 

One of these examples could be seen in the use of power. Solar energy is one of the methods of getting power without emitting harmful substances into the environment. Solar energy can be gotten from the sun and the exceptionally strong sun and vast swathes of the desert mean that Africa is the region with the highest solar generation potential over the long term. There have been calculations by the World Bank which also confirm this.

It is now cheaper to build and operate new large-scale wind and solar farms than to keep running coal or gas-fired power plants.

In Kenya, over 90% of its power comes from solar, wind, and geothermal sources. Kenya has also beaten the European union by four years in banning single-use plastic bags.

In December 2019, Kenya bought a 50 Megawatt solar plant. The government has continually invested in Kenya’s power and also put in the effort to go green. He has also considered forcing drivers to pay a congestion charge to curb pollution.

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