Kenya Tops Peers in Youth Digital Potential.


According to the 2023 Eastern Africa Youth Digital Readiness Index, Kenya is the nation leading the way in the digital revolution.

Kenya’s extensive usage of mobile money, government infrastructure spending, and digital literacy campaigns are all credited for the country’s rating.

Even having a score of 26.75, Kenya continues to struggle with unequal access to technology in rural regions, a problem that is shared by other countries in the region.

Ethiopia and Tanzania came in fourth and fifth, respectively, according to the survey, with Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia coming in sixth, seventh, and eighth.

Eastern African nations’ digital potential and performance were evaluated in the Qhala 2023 Eastern Africa Youth Digital Readiness Index Report, a digital transformation company. It included South Sudan, Sudan, DRC, Somalia, Burundi, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

It examines elements including online safety, government assistance, and digital skills.

Its objective was to pinpoint regions in need of development and foster regional cooperation to close the digital divide and give young people more influence. The study found that the usage of mobile money increased in a number of nations, promoting financial inclusion.

According to the report, mobile money usage is increasing in Sudan, where services like MTN Mobile Money and Zain Cash are becoming more popular.

With services like M-Pesa and Orange Money, the use of mobile money is also increasing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The increase in the use of mobile money helps the Congolese people feel more financially secure and promotes a cashless society.

The founder and CEO of Qhala, Dr. Shikoh Gitau, says that the 2023 index is a useful tool for businesses, civil society, policymakers, and educational institutions. It offers a roadmap for strategic interventions to promote innovation and digital readiness while also offering nuanced insights into the digital landscape of Eastern African nations.

“Digital preparedness is more than just adopting new technology. It includes a nation’s capacity to develop into a digitally oriented, highly skilled, innovation-focused, and sustainable economy.

According to the report, young people are a major force behind the region’s digital development because of their propensity for entrepreneurship, love for digital tools, and flexibility with new technology.


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