Lesotho Introduces Integrated Service Delivery to Fight TB Spread.


The Ministry of Health in Lesotho has taken a pivotal step in the combat against Tuberculosis (TB) by launching an integrated service delivery initiative in Berea. The launch was during an event held in Teyateyaneny on Monday. 

Observing the high prevalence of TB in the district, the ministry collaborated with hospitals, clinics, and primary healthcare workers to combat the spread of the infectious disease. The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Maneo Moliehi Ntene stated while speaking at the launch.

She acknowledged the resource challenges faced by health centers, however, buttressed the government’s commitment to availing necessary resources in the current financial year. This aims to alleviate the burden on healthcare workers and enhance their ability to deliver effective TB prevention and treatment services.

Director General of Health Services, Dr. Nyane Letsie pointed out the government’s promises to upgrade primary health services, establish cancer treatment hospitals, develop a medical school, and maintain Queen Mamohato Memorial as a leading referral hospital.

These initiatives show the government’s all-encompassing strategy for enhancing healthcare services and facilities in Berea and the surrounding area.

Dr. Letsie stressed the government’s commitment to offering inclusive health services to everyone and to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare, the Ministry of Health is working nonstop to achieve this goal.

Mrs. Nomsa Plaki, TB Coordinator in Berea addressed the high rates of TB and enhanced overall healthcare provisions as the government seeks to improve the health and well-being of all residents in Berea. She, therefore, expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Health for its unstaggering support.

She commended the ministry for its efforts to train healthcare professionals and for its dedication to halting the spread of TB. The rising TB rates in Berea, which have led to a substantial death toll, were underlined by Mrs. Plaki.

Concerns concerning the viability of HIV programs, which are currently supported by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), were expressed by the HIV Clinical Mentor in Berea. Testing and other HIV-related services may encounter difficulties as contracts with these organizations expire. The mentor begged the Ministry of Health to establish posts inside the ministry devoted solely to assisting HIV programs. This would guarantee the continuation and success of these crucial programs in the war against HIV/AIDS. 

The Ministry of Health has visited seven districts with a similar goal, and Berea’s introduction of integrated service delivery is the latest. This program demonstrates the government’s dedication to tackling national public health issues, focusing on regions with high illness prevalence and enhancing primary care services.


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