From the city of Kano in Nigeria, a young resourceful and skillful man identified as Faisal has wowed Nigerians with his witty invention. He built a tricycle also popularly known as “keke napep” or “maruwa” from nothing.

In one of the trending photos online, the young man designed the tricycle all by himself and other pictures showing the process of fabricating the tricycle.

After creating this amazing piece of work, Faisal went on the streets of Kano state to showcase his stunning work of ingenuity. He was seen in one of the photos posed beside the tricycle and written boldly on the tricycle ‘Faisal art’, ‘Made in Kano state Nigeria’.

These photos were posted online by a twitter handle @OvieNews on twitter, stating that Faisal built the tricycle from scratch and the photos should be retweeted to help him find more supporters and sponsors.

However, a lot of reactions followed as a result of this tweet. Some people commended him for his effort and that the government should support his creativity. On the other hand some other people saw his work as ‘nothing special’, stating that he only refurbished a normal tricycle. There are always two sides to a coin.

Some reactions from Nigerians;

@Chinaka_Chinaka: “Now this is lovely, we need the government and the corporate sector to intervene so that it can be done well and reproduced in commercial quantity.”

@Farmexecutive: “Someone with billion of dollars should partner and produce in mass”.

AbubakarFarou15: “The problem is he’s jst reconstructing wat has been thr let him bring something new”.

@HumphreyKent: “He simply remodeled or worse still, made a copy of a normal tri-cycle.”

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